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Service Center


At Aljabr Automotive, we employ and train skilled engineers and technicians to create high quality vehicles and maintain high standards in road handling, comfort, finish and presentation.


Aljabr Automotive Customer Charter

At Aljabr Automotive, we promise to:
  • Treat each appointment with you as an opportunity to prove we are the right people when it comes to Kia Genuine Parts and Service.
  • Listen to your needs as you are the reason that we exist as an organization.
  • Provide an estimate for all work requested and to seek your authorization to proceed for any additional work required prior to commencement.
  • Take care of your vehicle by fitting protection devices such as seat covers and floor mats.
  • Use trained technicians with factory tooling to work on your vehicle and to fit Genuine Kia Replacement Parts.
  • Conduct a thorough Quality Control check on your vehicle before handover and issue a Quality Control certificate.
  • Conduct a full and detailed explanation of each Service Invoice.



Regular servicing ensures the long-term reliability and safety of your Kia, which is why we specify a Time and/or Distance Travelled interval, whichever comes first. This is because some parts are more affected by time than they are by distance travelled. Oil is a good example. Its protective properties are fundamental to the wellbeing of your engine, but only last a limited time, especially if you're doing short trips and lots of stop / start driving. Other systems which rely on lubricants and parts affected by time rather than distance travelled, include manual and automatic transmissions, brake systems, oil, fuel and air filters. To provide your ongoing driving enjoyment and total satisfaction we aim to provide you with the maximum satisfaction through the total car experience, including servicing. The use of improper parts, lubricants and chemicals may result in the lower performance of your vehicle. Proper maintenance and care of the vehicle is indispensable for safe driving and lower overall running costs. Only Kia dealerships have registered factory Technicians who are continually trained by Kia service division trainers to perform all factory recommended servicing and repair operations on Kia vehicles. As an authorized service outlet. When you combine this technical expertise with the very best Kia Genuine Parts, Lubricants and Accessories, you will begin to understand just how serious Kia is about customer satisfaction