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Roadside Assistance

Dealer Membership


  • Mechanical
    Breakdown Tow
  • Emergency
    Battery Boost
  • Tire
  • Gas


• Battery boost in the event of battery failure (Number of services: Unlimited)
• Fuel backup to enable the car to reach the nearest fuel station(Number of services: Unlimited)
• Replacement of flat tire with spare tire, in the event of puncture(Number of services: Unlimited)
• Towing to one destination in the event of a disabling mechanical or electrical failure to the nearest authorized dealer or authorized service center (Number of services: Unlimited)
• Free chauffeur service to the customer to the destination where the car will be towed to(Number of services: Unlimited)
• Lockout Assistance service provided as a goodwill in main cities only in the event of the possibility of opening the door without any damage to the car. (Number of services: Unlimited)
• Geographical Coverage : Members shall benefit from the services throughout the GCC countries, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey.
• Note: These services are valid for the vehicles sold through Al Jabr company outlets as per the information supplied by Al Jabr company.

Terms, Procedures And Exclusions

• MID services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the period of the membership.
• The services are not applicable in  case of force majeure such as thunderstorm, fire, earthquakes,  riots, hails, explosives, theft, water    saturation, sandstorm, war,  deliberate damage, etc. Services will not provided in case of traffic  accidents.
• The services will not be provided twice for the same breakdown within 72 hours from the first service if the breakdown  is not repaired
• Towing services are excluded between service  centers.
• No services can be carried out without the physical  presence of the member or one of the co-drivers.
• The member-  ship and its benefits are not transferable to another car.

To get services, please download the app or contact the service provider middle east auto services, 24 hours a day

•Inside Saudi Arabia 8003044111 / 8001166611
•Outside Saudi Arabia +966 920017517