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Terms and Conditions 

▶ Service Contract only cover periodic maintenance parts, labor & oils which recommended by the local KIA distributor and not include some consumable parts like: (Brake Pads, change/skimming brake Discs, Tires, Wiper blades, Belts, Cleaners, Gasoline, Batteries…. etc.)

▶ Periodic Maintenance for:
   A. GDI Engines is every 10,000 KM.
   B. MPI Engines is every 5,000 KM

▶ All Technical malfunctions (if any) will be covered by vehicle manufacture warranty if valid and any technical malfunction caused due to Poor maintenance or misuse or accidents etc. will be charged to customer.

▶ Based on above contract level this contract Package will expire within:
   A. 1 Year or 20,000 KM/
   B. 2 Years or 40,000 KM/
   C. 3 Years or 60,000 KM/
   D. 4 Years or 80,000 KM/
   E. 5 Years or 100,000 KM.

whichever comes first according to the package purchased date and KM.

▶ No money back for missed maintenance in case if customer miss any periodic maintenance and he will have the right to make the next due service only.

▶ Customer will get 15% discount on labor and parts for any additional cash repair (Mechanical& Body repair and in case of customer have other special discount membership he will get the highest discount.

▶ contract Packages cannot be transfer to another vehicle and non-refundable if customer did not want to continue or even if the vehicle become total loss.

▶ If customer sell the vehicle to another customer service contract will continue with the vehicle & new owner (package linked with Vehicle chassis Number not with customer).

▶ This Package applied at Aljabr Service centers only & not applicable with sub dealers.

▶ Contracts include free road assistance within 50 Km from nearest KIA service center through calling 920017517