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Tap into the future.

Our range of onboard Kia Connect services is free for seven years. Combined, they make driving more relaxing, enjoyable and safe.

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Connect to a range of onboard features

Advanced tech to make your journeys smarter

Connected navigation

Connected navigation

The Kia navigation system provides precise turn-by-turn instructions powered by live and historical traffic data to give you the best route and estimated time of arrival.

Charging stations

Charging stations

Access a comprehensive directory of public electric car charge points, with availability information when applicable. If you're looking for fuel, you also have access to station information with live fuel prices.

Voice control

Voice control

Whether you’re looking for a destination, need to send a message or want to lower the cabin’s temperature, natural speech recognition acts out your commands so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the action.

Calendar syncing

Calendar syncing

Sync your phone’s calendar with your Kia so you can consult your diary and be prompted to navigate to your next appointment.

<br>Weather information

Weather information

With Kia Connect you can quickly check current and forecast weather conditions from your infotainment screen, wherever you are and wherever you go.
<br>Sports information

Sports information

You Kia can help you keep informed about the football team you support, and more. Select your favourite teams from a range of sports including football, basketball and hockey so you never miss a beat.

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