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Electric Car Technology | Kia UK

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Future inspired.
Technically brilliant.

The future of driving has arrived. Kia vehicles offer cutting-edge electrified powertrains and connected services to let you enjoy the best life has to offer.

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<br>Kia Connect in-car

Kia Connect in-car

Kia’s infotainment system integrates multiple services and functions in a simple and intuitive way. Navigate to your destination with the confidence and ease provided by connected routing, voice recognition and multiple connected services.
<br>Kia Connect app

Kia Connect app

The Kia Connect app pairs with your vehicle to interact in an innovative and smart way. You can consult information about your vehicle’s status and receive notifications. You can plan a journey from the comfort of your home and send it to your Kia.

Kia Connect also lets you find or track your car, and even leads you the last bit of the way when you’ve parked before reaching your destination.


Your EV battery is able to power more than just your Kia. Vehicle-to-Device lets you power external appliances using your vehicle’s battery capacity. Whether you are out camping or need to vacuum your car, Vehicle-to-Device has you covered.
<br>e-GMP platform

e-GMP platform

Our groundbreaking e-GMP platform uses a 800V system for lightning fast charging and the best possible efficiency. It delivers exhilarating performance too – with powerful motors, optimal weight distribution and a new e-4WD system for optimum levels of safety.

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Does Kia have an Electric car app? Does Kia have an Electric car app?


Get the most out of your Electric car with the Kia Connect car app. Kia's Electric car app enables you to interact with your car through your smartphone. With the Kia Connect app, you can monitor and schedule charging sessions, pre-condition your cabin, check your range and many more things.


What is Kia Connect? What is Kia Connect?


The Kia Connect app gives you full control over your Electric car via your smartphone. Our Electric car app lets you manage your vehicle remotely and view information on your car status and driving status.


How do I use Kia Connect? How do I use Kia Connect?


To use the Kia Connect app you first need to activate Kia Connect in your Kia in the Kia Connect menu accessible from your home screen. Once activated, download our electric car app onto your smartphone and follow instructions to pair the car app to the car itself.

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