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The Kia EV6 | Movement that inspires
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The Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 World Premiere

Make your EV6 online reservation now

Images and model information shown are for ilustration purposes only and subject to change.

EV6, Kia's First Dedicated Electric Vehicle
built on the new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)

  • Long Distance
    Over316 miles (WLTP Est.)
  • Ultra Fast Charging
    Less than 4.5 mins for 60 miles
  • High Performance 3.5 sec 0-60 Mph acceleration

All information (images, figures, etc.) on this website may vary by country and may not be to UK specification. The figures for all electric range reflect the expected results under WLTP and are pending homologation prior to final confirmation. Charging speed and motor performance figures refer to Kia test results, final figures will be communicated at a later stage. 3.5sec. for 0-60mph is the expected accellaration performance for EV6 GT version based on the preliminary development target.

EV6 Now Open For Reservation

By reserving your EV6 now, you will be eligible for an exclusive charging offer via KiaCharge once you place your order before 31st December 2021. You will receive:

- A free one-year Ionity Power subscription that offers you a preferential charging rate of £0.25 per kWh (instead of £0.69) at all Ionity charging stations. Ionity super-fast stations can charge the Kia EV6 from 10% to 80% in only 18 minutes.

- A free one-year KiaCharge Plus subscription offering you a 15% discount on standard charging rates in all networks featured in KiaCharge excluding bp pulse, Pod Point and Ionity.

Your dealer will provide full details of the charging package when you place your order. Valid for first year of ownership. Terms and conditions apply.

Online Reservation Process

  1. 1


    Select your EV6 and pay your refundable £100

  2. 2

    Place Your Order(After May 2021)

    We will contact you to confirm your reservation and offer you the option to be one of the first to place an EV6 order. You will be able to configure your EV6, verify price and select your preferred Kia Dealer at this stage.

  3. 3

    Vehicle Delivery(From October 2021)

    Your preferred Kia dealer will keep in contact with you and confirm once your new EV6 is ready for collection.


EV6, Kia's first dedicated EV built on the
Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)

First applied to the EV6, Kia’s new electric-global modular platform (E-GMP) enables
diverse number of interior layouts thanks to the flat floor. Despite the EV6’s compact exterior
dimensions, its 2.9m wheelbase results in a cabin space similar to many mid to large SUVs.
That means more interior room for you and your passengers to enjoy.

Space Innovation

Panoramic Dual 12.3” Curved Displays

The high definition design of EV6’s dual curved displays provides clear, unobstructed visibility, while providing intuitive menus and visuals.

Sustainable Materials

The seats are made from recycled PET plastic bottles, high quality vegan leather or suede.

Augmented Reality Head-Up Display

The new AR heads-up display introduces a virtual display on the windscreen to guide you to your destination. It provides all the key information for hassle free & safe trips

Ultra Fast Charging

The 800V high-speed multi-charging system of the EV6 enables you to find that extra time for things that really matter to you. A quick charge for 5 minutes would give you over 60 miles of driving range. It takes less than 18 minutes to charge from 10 to 80%.

Over 316 miles Driving Range

EV6's 77.4kWh battery can enable over 316 miles driving when fully charged. This means less frequent charges and, again, more time to discover your passions.

Convenient power supply for your activities

The EV6 is equipped with vehicle-to-load function that works as a convenient,
portable electricity supply for your daily life or leisure activities.
EV6 supplies up to 3.6kW of electricity, so it can serve as an emergency power source for your home.
It can also work as a portable generator when enjoying the outdoor activities.

Towing capacity up to 1,600kg

Together with its impressive maximum towing capacity of 1,600 kg, you can bring everything you
need on an outdoor adventure with your friends & family and do it all with no exhaust emissions of course.
Figure refers to maximum towing capacity. Towing capacity may vary depending on the battery size and/or the drivetrain selected.


Images and model information shown are for ilustration purposes only and subject to change.



What does reservation mean?

A reservation lets you be among the first to order the EV6 with a refundable reservation deposit. It is not an actual order and does not guarantee delivery.


What do I need to do to complete my reservation?

Click here and enter your information including e-mail address. A refundable reservation deposit of £100 is requried to secure your reservation and from May 2021 you can be one of the first to place an order for the Kia EV6.


What information is required to place an online reservation?

You'll need to enter your name, phone number, e-mail address and postcode along with a refundable £100 deposit to place a reservation and ensure you can be one of the first to place an EV6 order.


How much will it cost to reserve the EV6?

A refundable deposit of £100 is required. This amount will be refunded to you should you either wish to place an order for the EV6 or if you decide to cancel your reservation.


Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can cancel your reservation. You can cancel online at My Account. The £100 reservation depost will be refunded to you should you either wish to place an order for the EV6 or if you decide to cancel your reservation. (Actual refund will be executed by Paypal).


Where can I find my reservation detail?

In My Account, you need to provide your e-mail address and reservation number to access your account details. If you cannot remember your reservation number pls call Kia UK Customer Service on 0333 202 2990 or visit https://www.kia.com/uk/customer-services/


When will I be able to place an EV6 order at my preferred Kia Dealership?

You will be able place an EV6 order at your preferred Kia Dealerhip from May 2021. We will contact you in May to ask you to select your preferred Kia dealership if you have not placed at order.


When will I be able to configure the vehicle?

Your preferred Kia Dealership can provide you all the inforamtion required to help your place your EV6 order including car configurations and pricing details. You'll be able to place an EV6 order with a Kia dealer from May 2021.


When I select a dealer, will the dealer be aware of my reservation detail?

Yes, your reservation detail will be shared with the dealer you select.

FAQ 10

When I convert my reservation to an order, how is the reservation deposit processed?

When you completed an order, your reservation deposit will be refunded.

FAQ 11

I haven’t received confirmation email for my reservation.

It is recommended to go through your junk mail box first. If you cannot find it there and need to check further, you can contact Kia UK Customer Service on 0333 202 2990 or visit https://www.kia.com/uk/customer-services/


Introducing the Kia EV6

VR Driving Center

Choose your route. Customize your car.
And experience how the Kia EV6 inspires your journey.


Virtual test Drive - The EV6 Virtual Reality Driving Center is presented as a game and Kia does not condone or encourage dangerous, irresponsible or inconsiderate driving. Simulated model shown. Some of the product information, illustration, sound and driving experiences shown in VR Driving Center may differ from actual production model. The scenarios presented should not be attempted on the public road.