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Electric Car Battery Technology | Kia UK

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e-GMP, a blueprint for next-generation Kia electric vehicles

Our Electric Global Modular Platform - or e-GMP - is the result of Kia’s long term investment in vehicle electrification.

Ultra-fast charging

Ultra-fast charging

The e-GMP is the first system in the world to allow seamless charging at 400V or 800V without the need for extra equipment or manual adjustment. The default 800V ultra-high-speed charging requires only 18 minutes to recharge an EV6 from 10% to 80%. The system also supports the mainstream 400V charging, in which case it uses the motor and the inverter to convert the voltage from 400V to 800V before battery storage.
<br>Heat pump with waste heat recycling

Heat pump with waste heat recycling

Kia’s proprietary heat pump uses not only the heat from the external air but also the waste heat from electronic vehicle components - the motor, OBC, EPCU/PE Module, battery, and slow charger- to heat the cabin. This capacity for recycling waste heat allows for superior levels of efficiency.
<br>Efficiency and spaciousness

Efficiency and spaciousness

The e-GMP is compact, allowing for weight reduction and interior spaciousness. It is also supremely efficient thanks to innovations like the ‘hairpin winding’ technology in the motor and inverter power modules equipped with highly efficient silicon carbide power semiconductors.
<br>e-AWD system

e-AWD system

The EV6 is the first Kia to adopt our e-All-Wheel-Drive system. It allows for a seamless switch between rear-wheel and all-wheel drive modes to maximise range and guarantee the best level of grip whatever the road surface. The drivetrain offers exhilarating performance. The high-power rear and front-wheel motors are positioned lower to optimise the vehicle's weight distribution and centre of gravity. The result is a vehicle that is more stable at higher speeds and turns corners with more poise.

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