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A Kia EV9 is driving down a rocky road next to the ocean
Kia Roadside Assistance
Count on Kia to be there for you whenever you need help

Call Roadside Assistance

Kia Roadside Assistance is available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide on-site support in case of sudden accidents or breakdown. The All-new Carnival model includes this service for 5 years, while the Sorento and EV9 models include this service for 7 years. Contact us anytime, anywhere for prompt assistance from our experts.

For 24/7 Roadside Assistance
Service Coverage
Close-up of a hand holding yellow car towing strap

Emergency Towing and Jacking Up

Car towing service to the nearest Kia service center or location specified by the customer, distance up to 50 km. If beyond that, a charge of 30 baht / km will be charged.
Key fob on camel colored leather

Key Assistance

This service offers free key delivery within a range of up to 20 km. However, the customer is responsible for paying the service charge directly to the locksmith.
Mechanic repairing a car using a wrench

Car Repair

The car repair service provides free labor without any limit on the number of times it can be utilized within a year. Customers are only responsible for paying for necessary parts if they are required during the repair process.
Close-up of a flat tire

Tire Assistance

24-hour emergency assistance service if you have tire problems.
Close-up of a hand pumping gas into a car

Fuel Assistance

Emergency refueling service if your vehicle is unable to operate due to low fuel.
Close-up of a hand making car battery to jump start

Dead Battery Assistance

Jump start your Kia if its battery is dead or discharged.

Get a Extra 1 Year Roadside Assistance

We offer an additional 1-year Roadside Assistance service to customers whose 5-year warranty has already been completed and who continue to visit our dealer for service/maintenance.
To view our roadside assistance terms and conditions, click here.
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