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To ensure your vehicle is always running at its peak condition, service your vehicle at regular intervals according to the manufacturer's guidelines. For Off-Peak Car customers, book a weekday slot at any of our Authorised Service Centres to enjoy $20 off your final servicing bill* as we reimburse you for your e-Day License.

*Applicable for Lubrication/ Maintenance/ Major Servicing and Express Servicing only. Cycle & Carriage reserves the right to amend or withdraw offer without prior notice.

Service your vehicle with Cycle & Carriage to enjoy the best driving experience possible with an absolute peace of mind.

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Kia Care Service Plan

The 2-year Kia Care Service Plan is designed to offer you peace of mind with savings in tow. It comes with 4 comprehensive servicing visits for every 6 months or 10,000 km interval, whichever comes first. Using only the latest recommended diagnostic tools and Kia Grade A genuine parts to ensure quality maintenance of your Kia. This is not only important for a smoother drive, but also enhance your vehicle’s resale value.

We have enhanced the plan so that you can enjoy an extra 10% off, on top of the usual 20% servicing discount, if your vehicle age is 4 years and above. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy additional privileges when you purchase a Kia Care Service Plan.

This is to reward you with more savings as you drive longer with Kia at Cycle & Carriage.

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Kia Care Lite Service Plan (For cars after warranty)

The 18-month Kia Care Lite Service Plan is exclusively designed to give you lasting peace of mind and affordability. Offering 3 scheduled service visits in 18 months, this service plan provides greater value and savings. Our technical professionals from Cycle & Carriage are qualified with the latest and most updated know-how to service your vehicle.

With this plan, you will enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

• 20% savings on servicing cost
• 20% discount on additional Kia parts purchase
• Complimentary 24/7 Roadside Assistance

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Kia Grooming

Take care of your vehicle’s pristine condition with grooming services conveniently available at all our Authorised Service Centres. Using only reputable car grooming products, you can be assured of a comprehensive and tip-top treatment for your car at competitive prices.

Types of Car Grooming Services:

table fix area
Model Type
Express Grooming (Inclusive of washing & waxing)
Standard Grooming (Inclusive of machine polishing)
Luxury Grooming (Inclusive of machine polishing & leather treatment)
2-Year Grooming Plan^ Comes with 4 services (2x Standard Grooming & 2x Luxury Grooming)
<strong><font style="color:#B70000">Picanto/Rio/Soul</font></strong> <strong><font style="color:#B70000">Cerato Forte/Cerato Forte Koup/</br>Forte K3/Niro</font></strong> <strong><font style="color:#B70000">Stinger/Carens/Carnival/</br>Sorento/Sportage</font></strong>
$78 $88 $118
$108 $128 $178
$148 $168 $248
$435 $503 $724

Prices shown above include 7% GST and are subject to changes without prior notice.
^CARE Plan Members will enjoy additional discount.

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Kia Air Con Chemical Cleaning & Refresh

Servicing your air conditioner on a regular basis ensures the air circulated inside the car cabin is cool, clean and fresh. Kia Air Con Chemical Cleaning & Refresh uses Kia genuine parts like air con filter, which prolong the life span of your cooling system.

Kia Air Conditioning Service helps to:
•Remove unpleasant odours
•Provide long term deodorisation
•Prevent bacteria, fungus and algae
•Sanitise air conditioning unit
•Include application of evaporator cleaner
•Purify air stream from evaporator coil
•Optimise performance of cooling system
•Unclog fin passages

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Pre-holiday & Pre-LTA Inspections

Nip your car worries in the bud with Cycle & Carriage’s new pre-holiday and pre-LTA inspections. Reduce chances of breakdowns and have your car checked by our skilled professionals using state-of-the-art technology, and enjoy a delightful holiday drive with peace of mind.

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Engine Additives

Keep your car engine performing at its best with the Engine Additives Package. Choose a combination of the additives below according to your car's needs.

1.The Fuel System Cleaner removes deposits in intake valves, fuel injectors, spark plugs and combustion chamber.
2.The Engine Flush, a detergent and solvent, disintegrates sludge and varnish from the engine interior.
3.The Engine Oil Treatment boasts superior effectiveness against friction loss throughout the engine’s moving parts.

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Total Paint & Wheel Protection

Even the shiniest and best-kept cars are susceptible to harsh environmental conditions. Over time, the glossy coat of your vehicle will lose its lustre and have its wheels stained with brake dust. Total Paint & Wheel Protection is a service that provides a lasting hydrophobic coating for your vehicle’s paint, plastic trims and headlamps – all to keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

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