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Keep Moving for Inspiration

Keep Moving for Inspiration

Ideas appear unexpectedly and the search for ideas
isn’t a short drive. It’s a journey of discovery.
To find them, you have to explore the unexpected.

Kia empowers you to keep progressing and discover new inspirations.
We urge our innovators to keep moving and progressing, as it will ultimately lead to inspiration.
Inspiring Moment

Ideas are the result of an unstoppable
process of body and mind. Beyond just
physical movement, we redefine
inspiration as a movement of thought
that sets ideas into motion and creates
new possibilities.

This expression demonstrates how we
are bigger than just a “vehicle” that
simply moves from one place to

Kia provides the time and space for this
movement of thought to take place.

Movement enables people to see
new places, to meet new people,
and to have new experiences.

Inspring Moment
What more do I need to do?
Why is it not coming to me?
What if I can’t find one?
These are the questions we ask in search of ideas.

Ideas challenge what is humanly possible,
To create progress, to change our perspectives.
To make your world and our world a better place.
The road to ideas is also a journey into possibilities.

Yet ideas wait for no one.
They appear at times you’ll never expect.
They are in spaces we’ve yet to explore.
To find them, you just have to keep moving.