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Why are tires black?

“The stabilizing chemical, carbon black makes the tires black. It prevents damage from UV light, draws heat away from parts of the car that tend to get hot when driving, and makes the tires durable.”

Aside from stabilizing the chemical compounds in rubber, carbon black has other vital roles when it comes to tires. These include:


Preventing tire damage from harsh UV rays

Similar to leaving rubber bands or an eraser out in the sun, rubber tires made without carbon black are prone to hardening and will deteriorate due to the harsh UV rays from the sun, thus decreasing tire performance. Whereas carbon black deters the hardening of the tires. 


Improve the longevity of tires

As we drive, multiple parts within a car tend to heat up, especially around the tread and belt areas. If the heat is trapped and not dispersed, the tires can overheat and cause wear-and-tear to the tires. Thankfully, carbon black is proven to help control the temperature of the tires which can elongate the life of the tire.


In conclusion, carbon black plays a key role when it comes to tire strength and durability because the tires are the most critical part of a vehicle and can affect all performance factors of a car. Make sure you remember, the sturdier the tire, the smoother and safer the drive.