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What Is the Difference Between a Hatchback and a Sedan?

“A sedan is a 4-door passenger car with a separate trunk built on a three-box body, while a hatchback is a 4-door vehicle assembled on a two-box body with a tailgate that flips up. ”

Now that the main difference is between a sedan and a hatchback has been identified, let us compare their proportions, interior space for passengers, space for cargo, fuel efficiency, and price & trim options.



When it comes to the length of the car, hatchbacks are generally a bit shorter than sedans which is beneficial, especially when maneuvering tight corners or parallel parking. It also makes it easier for the driver to see how much space is left between their vehicle and the car in front of them. One additional highlight of the hatchback is the noticeably bigger rear window that allows the driver to have better visibility.


Interior Space for Passengers

Both vehicles can fit 4-5 passengers,[A4]  but the major difference lies in the type of interior space. If legroom is most important to you, a sedan might be a better choice since it is based-off on the 3-box body, which has a designated area that separates passengers and cargo. If headroom is more essential, then a hatchback would suit the bill due to the height of the car’s rear. 



Space for Cargo

In the cargo space square-off between the sedan and the hatchback, the latter easily trumps the former. The key advantage of owning a hatchback is the plethora of cargo space since the vehicle is essentially “trunkless.” When extra room is needed, you can fold the rear seats with a single touch without any worries. Thanks to its flexibility and efficient utilization of space, it has the upper hand when it comes to fitting wide or oddly-shaped objects in the trunk. 




Although the sedan might be less flexible due to its separated trunk, you can still fold the rear seats to create a bit of room for longer objects. Also, if you have valuable items, it is best to secure them in a sedan because the trunk is completely isolated from the passenger compartment and hidden out of sight. This way your valuables are stowed away safely. Safe from prying eyes and unwanted attention.



Fuel Efficiency

In comparison to other car segments such as coupes, SUVs, and crossovers, hatchbacks and sedans are both known to be some of the most fuel-efficient cars. As for fuel efficiency, it is difficult to say if one is more fuel-efficient than the other and depends on each model.



Price & Trim Options

Similar to fuel efficiency, the price greatly depends on the vehicle model as some hatchbacks are more affordable than sedans and vice-versa. However, there are usually more trim options available to sedans given their popularity over other car segments.[