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What is Kia’s Brand Story?

“Kia presents its new purpose and mindset, along with its new brand logo and vision, accelerating the brand's transition to becoming a mobility solution provider.”


Kia’s Purpose

At Kia, we have a new purpose of inspiring consumers through products, services, and experiences. Our new purpose highlights that all creative activities begin with a movement. It signifies our new strategy, which will break away from the image of the traditional auto manufacturer to a sustainable mobility solution provider. Our goal is to create and share new values of innovative mobility products and services to improve the daily lives of every customer around the world. Over 52,000 of our employees are working hard to deliver these promises, sharing one vision. With this purpose in mind, Kia is making consistent efforts toward movement that enables customers to meet new people and have new experiences.


Kia’s Mindset

As for our mindset, we believe it is important to always move forward and constantly grow - a growth mindset. Since movement is at the very beginning of human development, we believe that movement plays a pivotal role in creating innovation and progress - the unstuck mindset. At every step of our operations, from designing new products and services to marketing and sales, we are constantly applying this mindset so that we can continue to provide meaningful, inspiring products and services that resonate with customers. 


Kia’s New Brand Logo

As we transition into becoming a mobility solution provider, we also announced our new logo, new purpose, and vision. With our name change from “Kia” to just “Kia”, our new logo also only includes "Kia", dropping "Motors". This is to show our company's ambition to expand into a range of sustainable mobility solutions beyond vehicles. In line with our new plan, the new logo symbolizes our commitment to leading change and creating innovation. The new logo has a meaning of 'Symmetry', 'Rhythm', and 'Rising', each representing the company's pursuit of symmetry that demonstrates confidence and the brand's rising ambitions for what it offers to our customers.


Kia’s New Vision

Alongside our new logo, new slogan, and other faucets, we also revealed our new vision to create sustainable mobility solutions that meet the growing needs of consumers in EVs, mobility solutions as services, and purpose-built vehicles. Under our new vision, we wish for everyone to have the opportunity to share the limitless value that future mobility will bring, ensuring that innovation will be 'boundless for all'. In addition, there are four key areas of focus in delivering our vision to customers: mobility, autonomous driving, connected cars, and EVs. First off, we intend to enable urban and suburban mobility by making access to mobility available to everyone. Second, we are striving to offer customers safe and innovative mobility through autonomous vehicles through the commercialization of Level 4 autonomous driving technology. Third, we are working closely with the industry and communities in the world to enrich customers' mobility experience by connecting cars with their homes and cities. Finally, we plan to diversify our offering of hybrid,  plug-in hybrid cars, and electric vehicles to provide customers with a range of sustainable mobility options. Coupled with our new brand purpose and strategy for the future, we are putting our vision into detailed action by leading the EV market and developing mobility services, with the aim of enhancing the mobility experience of millions of customers around the globe.