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What is adaptive cruise control?

“Adaptive Cruise Control is a feature that maintains the vehicle at a constant speed or increases/decreases the speed on its own, depending on the distance from the vehicle ahead.”

What is Adaptive Cruise Control?


Adaptive Cruise Control is similar to an advanced version of the standard cruise control. The only difference is the system from an adaptive cruise control assists the driver by ensuring their vehicle continues to stay a safe width from the vehicle ahead while maintaining a certain speed with the help of cameras, lasers, radars, or a mix of 3. Moreover, adaptive cruise control can alter the speed of the car, so drivers can focus better on the road. 


Keep in mind, the functions of adaptive cruise control are the same across the board, however, their names may vary depending on the brand of vehicle. Some of these include:

  • Dynamic cruise control
  • Radar cruise control
  • Automatic cruise control
  • Intelligent cruise control
  • Active cruise control
  • Smart cruise control


There are 2 versions of this advanced safety system, Adaptive Cruise Control and Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go. As mentioned above, the ACC is a feature that maintains the vehicle at a constant speed and allows the vehicle to increase or decrease the speed based on the distance from the vehicle ahead. Whereas, ACC with Stop and Go has the ability to do the same. But with this system, the vehicle will check for clearance from the vehicle ahead. If the vehicle stops, your vehicle will be brought to a full stop. It also has the capability to restart automatically and bring the vehicle back to the original speed it was set once the road is free again.

*Disclaimer: The Stop and Go safety system may not be included and varies by the vehicle model. Please check on the specification page of the vehicle model.*



Benefits of using Adaptive Cruise Control

Thanks to advanced safety technologies such as adaptive cruise control, lane assist and many others, drivers can feel a sense of safety when driving. Especially when switching lanes or maintaining the proper amount of space between vehicles during stop and go traffic. With the development of such technology, it can help deter accidents, as well as give drivers one less thing to dwell on. That way they can focus on the road.



1)    Press the ‘CRUISE’ button on the steering wheel. After the ‘CRUISE’ notification appears on the dashboard, press the accelerator pedal until you reach the desired cruise control speed.

2)    Next, under the ‘CRUISE’ button, pull the lever down to ‘SET-‘ to activate the cruise control function. By doing so, the function will turn on the indicator lights on the dashboard, and continue to maintain the set speed and set intervals between the vehicles. From this point onward, the accelerator pedal can be released and will continue to maintain the speed for a more comfortable drive.

3)    To adjust the desired interval between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, press the 'INTERVAL ADJUSTMENT' icon beneath the lever.

4)    If you want to change the speed, check the speed on the display and adjust by pulling the lever up to ‘RES +’ to speed up, or down to ‘RES –‘ to slow down. By briefly pulling the switch up or down, the set speed with change by 1km/h. If you hold it down for a longer period of time, the speed with change by 10km/h.



Additionally, you can increase or decrease the speed temporarily. When acceleration is needed, such as overtaking another vehicle in the midst of cruising, press the accelerator pedal to increase the speed without affecting the set speed. To return to the set speed, release the accelerator pedal and pull the lever back to ‘RES +’, or continue accelerating and pull the lever to ‘SET –‘ to reset the set speed to the current speed.


-To pause the cruise control function, press the speed control lever or press the brake pedal.
-After pausing, briefly push the lever up to the ‘RES +’ button when you want to activate the cruise function again.
-Press the 'CRUISE' button when you want to completely disable the cruise control function.