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What is a mid-size SUV?

“A midsize SUV is an SUV vehicle with 2 or 3 rows of seats that slots between compact and full-size SUVs, striking the best balance for most families.”


In a nutshell, a midsize SUV is a vehicle that falls in the middle between a compact SUV and a full-size SUV. Midsize SUVs have been one of the most popular vehicles in the automotive world during the past few years, mainly thanks to their practicality and efficiency. In fact, midsize SUVs tend to meet the needs of pretty much everyone. Whether you are a young teen or an older adult, single or married, they provide ample interior space as well as off-road capacities that can fit into any parking spot. 


Ever since the introduction of how an SUV is built on a unibody construction, midsize SUVs have skyrocketed in the number of offerings. Their car-like handling coupled with better fuel efficiency compared with full-size SUVs are some of the main reasons behind their popularity. Here are some key characteristics of midsize SUVs that make them beloved vehicle by consumers on the market.


Enough Ground Clearance

A raised driving position is almost a symbol of SUV vehicles. Likewise, for midsize SUVs, it is a significant factor that makes consumers opt for them over their sedan counterparts. It allows you to tackle any driving situation with a better view of the road ahead. Moreover, the high-seating position gives you an extra sense of security and confidence, as the vehicle makes you feel safer. 


A Different Sense of Style

There is a perception of SUVs being somewhat dull and unattractive due to their excessively large size and boxy look. To make them more appealing auto manufacturers are now applying a more rounded, sporty look on their midsize SUVs to avoid such perception. Midsize SUVs may not be the most stylish vehicles among all the vehicle types, but many of them still stand out in overall aesthetics with their modern aerodynamic design, as well as their elegant cabin.


Generous Interior Space

Midsize SUVs, especially the ones with a third-row seat, can be a great choice if you are looking for an ample spaced cabin with comfortable seating for up to eight passengers. As many provide roomy seats in each row, you can enjoy a comfortable ride without feeling cramped for space. Aside from plenty of space for passengers, they possess a cavernous cargo space, which is extremely useful and convenient for family road trips and adventurous activities such as biking or hiking. 


If you are wondering which model has an edge, check out these major factors that separate the best midsize SUV models from the crowd.


Fuel Efficiency

For anyone looking for a midsize SUV that stands out from the hefty, large SUVs, whittling the list down to several finalists with the best fuel efficiency might help you with your purchasing decision. Despite a bad rap for being uneconomical, there are plenty of midsize SUVs that offer decent fuel efficiency thanks to the advancements in technology. Some midsize SUV models possess a V6 engine which delivers decent performance capabilities while consuming less fuel compared to a v8 engine. Also, many are equipped with a hybrid mode which the vehicle seamlessly shifts into if the power is exhausted. Overall, with these midsize SUV models, you can still have plenty of space and practicality without sacrificing gas mileage.


Safety Features

If you drive in an area that snows a lot and the roads are frequently covered with ice, you might want to get an all-wheel-drive midsize SUV that will keep you from sliding off the road. Since midsize SUVs have bodies with copious ground clearance, they can traverse smoothly through snowy fields without having their tire grooves packed with snow. Besides an all-wheel-drive system for winter driving, many midsize SUVs now offer advanced safety features, such as blind-spot detection, forward auto-braking systems, etc. Also, look for models rated at the top by NHTSA for overall passenger protection, as well as crash tests.


Overall Interior Comfort

When you are shopping for a midsize SUV for a family vehicle, it's crucial that the vehicle offers comfortable seats and roomy passenger space. For example, Kia Telluride (a midsize SUV) provides three rows of cushioned seats along with a roomy cargo area, adding to its comfort. Also, it features extra bells and whistles that contribute to a pleasant ride, such as an 8-inch display and smartphone connectivity. Moreover, a midsize SUV produced in China, the Kia KX7 boasts state-of-the-art technology, impressive performance, and attractive style that catapulted it into a luxury midsize SUV segment.  If you are paralyzed by the plethora of options and prioritize a comfy ride, you need not look any further .