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Is coolant antifreeze?

“Coolant is a liquid in your car’s cooling system, which helps keep the engine temperature optimal for driving, while antifreeze serves to prevent the coolant from deteriorating in extreme weather.”

Simply put, a coolant is a liquid in your car's cooling system that cools down your engine to prevent serious damage from overheating. Car engines need to be maintained at the ideal temperature as consistently as possible for the best performance. However, a coolant should remain fluid to fulfill its task no matter how hot or cold the weather is. Whereas an antifreeze is an additive with a higher tolerance for cold and serves to keep the coolant from freezing at extremely low temperatures, as its name indicates. Additionally, it saves the coolant from boiling and evaporating in hot temperatures. 


Kia's high-pressure cooling system has a reservoir for a year-round antifreeze coolant, which becomes filled when manufactured. 


It is recommended to check your car's antifreeze protection and coolant level at least once a year, particularly at the beginning of the winter season, or before traveling to a colder climate.