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Do electric cars need oil changes?

“EVs do not require oil which is necessary to lubricate the number of moving parts in a combustion engine. EVs are powered by electric motors, not the oil mandatory engines.”

 Electric cars use completely different drivelines, so you will never have to worry about the oil change topic during your EV maintenance tasks. Traditional gas cars demand oil to wax the moving parts in their combustion engine. The valves, pistons, and other moving components of an engine have to work smoothly past one-another at very high speeds. In this way, the oil change is necessary to the engine for the close-tolerance interactions. From all that metal-on-metal contact, atomic metal flakes are accumulated in the oil, which requires you to drain the old oil and add new oil not only to keep the gasoline-powered engine working smoothly, but for safety and longevity of the engine.


 But, in an EV, none of this is required.

An electric vehicle moves by consuming a battery while working an electric motor. Any need for engine pistons, valves, and other moving parts that need to be lubricated, electric vehicle does not need regular oil changes. Electric cars use completely different drivetrains, so you will never have to worry about routine oil changes that are necessary for traditional cars.


 Though your electric car does not need oil, it requires a routine check on these 3 fluids in EVs;

coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washing fluid.


 1. Coolant - Electric cars rely on coolant flowing through the thermoregulation system to prevent the batteries from overheating. You need to add and replace the coolant during the maintenance.

 2. Brake Fluid - A regenerative braking system relies on the brake fluid to work smoothly. Normally, the brake fluid in electric cars should be replaced after running about 40,000km(25,000miles)

 3. Windshield Washing Fluid - Depending on the usage of windshield washing fluid, you should refill it as often as needed.