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Using the tire mobility kit

If the tire is flat, park your vehicle in a safe place and repair the flat tire with the tire mobility kit, which is located under the trunk floor. If the sidewall of the tire is damaged or the bottom of the tire is seriously damaged, however, contact the nearest authorized Kia dealer or service partner.

  • 1) Remove the speed warning sticker from the side of the compressor, attach it to the steering wheel, and shake the bottle up and down to mix the sealant.

  • 2) Twist open the lid of the sealant bottle and the sealant bottle mounting unit.

  • 3) Connect the sealant bottle to the sealant bottle mounting unit. (Rotate the sealant bottle to fasten it until it cannot rotate anymore)

  • 4) Open the wheel air inlet cap of the damaged tire and the inlet protective cap of the injection hose, ensure the tire pressure control valve is open, and connect it to the wheel air inlet.

  • 5) Connect the power outlet and compressor with the power outlet connector.

  • 6) Start your vehicle and turn the compressor on to inflate the tire and release the sealant.

  • 7) Let the compressor run for 10 minutes to allow the tire to reach a proper pressure.

  • 8) Turn the compressor off, remove the tire mobility kit from your vehicle, and return it to its storage place.

  • 9) To evenly apply the sealant to the inner surface of the tire, immediately drive your vehicle up to 3-10km (2-6miles) or for 10 minutes at 80km/h (50mph) or less.

  • 10) Check the tire pressure again and visit the nearest authorized Kia dealer or service partner.