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What Is the Difference Between a Coupe and a Sedan?

“While the lines between coupes and sedans have blurred, if a vehicle's interior space is under 33 cubic feet it is a coupe. If over, it is considered a sedan .”

With the key difference of being either over or under 33 cubic feet to qualify as a sedan or a coupe, let’s take compare other prominent features such as their proportions, interior space for passengers, space for cargo, performance, and price.



Even though the amount of interior space distinguishes if a vehicle is categorized as a coupe or a sedan, it is only one of the many differences in dimension between these two vehicles. Although sedans are longer overall and provide extra space for passengers and cargo, coupes focus on elongating their windows and doors to emphasize design. 


Interior Space for Passengers

While both sedans and coupes are built on a three-box-body, the biggest difference between the two would be that coupes normally seat 2 passengers. But depending on the model, some coupes can cram 2 more seats in the back. With this arrangement, the 2 rear seats sacrifice legroom for design, to ensure it stays within the required 33 cubic feet. Whereas a sedan can comfortably seat 5 with plenty of leg space and headroom.


Space for Cargo

As for cargo space, the sedan easily upstages the coupe with a spacious trunk aside from the interior space for passengers. So if you plan on going on a road trip or need to carry multiple objects, the sedan would be the better option.



The coupe makes up for the lack of trunk space with its potential for a fun, sporty drive without worrying about the weight that comes with cargo. With slick curves, a low roof, and a body that hangs close to the ground, it is ideal for drivers who don’t mind giving up comfort for speed, handling, and the excitement that comes with it.



When comparing the price for a sedan and a coupe, it is similar to that of comparing oranges to apples. With sedans, the price range varies as some models can be as low as $10,000 for a new car, but as high as $75,000 if you are looking for a luxury sedan. However, as an overall statement, coupes are generally priced higher. But like any other car, it depends on the add-ons that come along with each vehicle and the model.