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What is Kia Seltos UVO?

“Kia Seltos UVO is the comprehensive suite of 37 features that makes driving a Kia safe, convenient, and enjoyable.”

Kia Seltos UVO, which stands for “your voice”, refers to the comprehensive suite of 37 features split into 5 categories that makes driving a Kia safe, convenient and enjoyable. With UVO, you can gain access to emergency help, information about your vehicle, remote control features; and even locate your car with just your mobile phone using Find My Car. Here are the features of a smart, secure, and futuristic connected car that any Kia driver can enjoy with a 3-year free subscription (free subscription clock starts on day 1 of your vehicle delivery):



Hassle-free way of getting to your destination

✔ Destination Set with Schedule

✔ Send Destination Route to the Car

✔ Live Traffic Information

✔ Desired Destination Search

✔ Destination Sharing from the Car

✔ Live Car Tracking

✔ Car Location Sharing

✔ Find My Car


Remote Control

Control your car wherever you may be

✔ Remote Engine Start/Stop (Automatic Only)

✔ Remote Smart Pure Air ON (Automatic Only)

✔ Remote AC Control (Automatic Only)

✔ Remote Door Lock/Unlock

✔ Remote Horn & Light

✔ Remote Vehicle Status

✔ Tyre Pressure Status

✔ Fuel Level Information


Safety & Security

24x7 protection for your car

✔ Auto Collision Notification

✔ SOS-Emergency Assistance

✔ Roadside Assistance

✔ Panic Notification

✔ Stolen Vehicle Notification

✔ Stolen Vehicle Tracking

✔ Stolen Vehicle Immobilisation

✔ Geofence Alert

✔ Valet Alert

✔ Time Fence Alert

✔ Speed Alert

✔ Idle Alert



Premium experience on the go

✔ AI Voice Command

✔ Smart Pure Air (In car AQI Monitoring)

✔ Call Center Assisted Navigation

✔ Share My App

✔ Trip Information/Driving Behaviour


Vehicle Management

Your vehicle health at your fingertips

✔ Vehicle Health Report

✔ Maintenance Alert

✔ Auto Diagnostic Alert

✔ Manual Diagnostic Alert


✔ You can register UVO through the:

1) Infotainment system on your Kia *limited service 

2) UVO smartphone app that can be downloaded from Apple App/Google Play Store


✔ There are three types of UVO systems included in most 2019 Kia vehicles:

1) UVO Play: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity is the norm for UVO Play, which allows you to access various features on a touchscreen interface.

2) UVO Link: Pick up your smartphone and access UVO Link, which offers features such as vehicle diagnostics, maintenance alerts, remote start, etc. in addition to what’s offered by UVO play.

3) UVO Link with Navigation: The name speaks for itself; offering everything from UVO Link and an integrated navigation without the need for a smartphone.