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How to remove ice from electric charging door

In extreme winter conditions, the electric charging door may not open due to icing inside the door handle. Remove the ice as below.

1. Remove icing by tapping the electric charging door using the bottom of your fist in a circular pattern along the perimeter of the electric charging door. If necessary, increase the intensity of tapping to remove ice, and repeat the process.

2. When the electric charging door operates normally, open and close a few times to remove any icing residue.

  • * Instead of tapping the electric charging door, warm the electric charging door indirectly (i.e. hand temperature, etc.) to remove icing inside.

※ Warning

- Before performing this procedure, remove any jewelry or objects that could damage the paintwork and do not attempt to use tools or excessive force.
- Do not apply excessive force or use sharp objects to the electric charging door. It may be damaged.