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What is Kia’s slogan?

“ ‘Movement that inspires’. Our new slogan embodies our belief that mobility is key to creating progress and inspires ideas that can help enrich the lives of those around us. ”

Before our recent rebrand in logo, slogan, and name, among many others, our company operated under the name Kia Worldwide and utilized the slogan “The Power to Surprise.”  Since 2005, this slogan has played an important part in our brand identity and has greatly contributed to making us who we are today.  The meaning behind this slogan was to explain how we, at Kia, can show you how our brand uses the power of dynamic and exciting experiences that can surprise clientele and go above and beyond their expectations.  With this in mind, we aim not only to design a vehicle that operates, but to surprise you by how well it works and fits into each individual’s lifestyle. But just as time naturally brings change, we felt the need to evolve, which is why we are proud to present the new Kia logo from our New Logo Unveiling Show and the new slogan from our New Kia Brand Showcase. 


To showcase our transformation and ambitions of not only becoming the leaders of the automobile industry, but also in the industry of future mobility, we made a pivotal decision to reconstruct all aspects of business related to our brand. We first began with an exciting New Logo Unveiling Show to present our new Kia logo. In addition, we presented our new slogan, “Movement that inspires” during our New Kia Brand Showcase event.    


This new logo and slogan represent a new era for Kia. Movement is vital and is a source of inspiration for us to evolve. By moving to and from different locations, we can find new places, meet new people and experience new things. For us, we believe that mobility is key to creating progress and can help enrich the lives of those around us. From producing the first domestic bicycle to three-wheeled vehicles and various trucks, we strive to inspire new ideas which can respond to changes and provide better mobility.  Movement inspires ideas. That is why we, at Kia, create the space for you to get inspired, and more time to bring your ideas to life.