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Escaping when Trapped in a Trunk

Front view of an open trunk

How to open the trunk from the inside

If you find yourself trapped in the trunk of a car due to an emergency situation like a robbery or kidnapping, or accidentally locked in, you can escape by operating the unlocking device. Remember that the trunk is not an airtight space, so try to stay calm and use the unlocking device to get out.
Illustration of unlocking lever in the trunk
  1. 01Locate the unlocking device marked as 'OPEN' or '⇒' on the trunk lid or inside the trunk.
  2. 02Push the unlocking lever in the direction of the arrow to open the trunk.
Illustration showing unlock lever of some RVs' trunk
  1. 03For some RVs, use a long and flat object such as a key to push the unlock lever inside the groove.


  • Only use the trunk unlocking device in emergency situations.
  • Keep children away from the trunk to prevent them from accidentally getting trapped inside.
  • Never put people or animals in the trunk.
  • The position or shape of the trunk unlocking device may vary depending on the vehicle.
The availability and operation of features may vary depending on the model, trim, and region. For detailed information, please refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle.