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Dealing with Sudden Engine Shutdown While Driving

The Sorento speeding through green woods

How to deal with sudden engine shutdown

When the engine suddenly fails, the steering wheel and brake pedal require more force to operate.
Motion graphic showing break pedal pushed down hard
  1. 01When the engine suddenly fails while driving, gradually reduce speed and keep the vehicle in a straight line.
  2. 02The braking may require more force to work. Step harder than usual or use both feet to brake if necessary.
  3. 03The steering wheel will become heavier than usual. Keep both hands on the steering wheel firmly and steer the car to a safe place.
Illustration showing the electronic parking brake
  1. 04If the braking power is insufficient, use the electronic parking brake (EPB).


  • These methods are intended for emergency use only, as using them in other situations may be dangerous.
  • In case of sudden engine shutdown, maintain continuous pressure on the brake and avoid multiple stepping.
  • Using the electronic parking brake (EPB) for emergency braking will trigger a warning sound and the brake warning light on the instrument panel to illuminate. Also, the braking distance may be longer than normal braking.
  • If the engine turns off while driving, safely coast to a stop in a secure place, considering the risk of a secondary accident.