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Kia Used Cars

  • Used Car Programme

    Kia’s Used Cars and the 3 to 6 program describe a selection of used cars, handpicked for you the customer, having undergone a 102 point check, with a full maintenance history and less than 4 years old. Every car in the program has a portion of Kia’s class leading 7 year warranty remaining, ranging from 3 to 6 years transferable with the car.

  • Kia 3to6 Years Warranty

    Kia Used Cars Warranty

    Quality, Affordability, Peace of Mind. When shopping for a used car, choosing Kia provides you with an impressive and reliable vehicle.

  • Kia 3to6 Years Warranty

    Quality Redefined

    We can talk about quality because we really make it happen. Constantly evolving quality standards and controls accompany Kia cars through development, production and your ownership. That’s why we’re the only manufacturer to offer a 7-year/150,000 km warranty in Europe on brand new cars. Only very few items don’t enjoy this generous offer. By redefining quality, we make your Kia an outstanding experience every day, and ensure that when you come to look at a used Kia, you can be sure of a reliable vehicle.