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  • Elkötelezettség Ön és Kiája felé

  • Service promise

    Committed to you and your Kia

Minden várakozás felett áll

Bármikor keresi fel Kia kereskedőjét, gondoskodunk róla, hogy kivételes élményekkel távozzon. Szolgáltatásaink és ajánlataink egyszerűek és vonzóak. Célunk felülmúlni várakozásait, hogy Ön majd csak annyit tudjon mondani: WOW!

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  • Stay connected to our promise

    We don’t believe exceptional service should come with any downtime. That’s why we have developed the following services enabling you to stay connected to us:

    • Book your appointments
    • Discover valuable offers
    • Call up your quotes any time, anywhere

    Kia Customer Visual Guide
    • Explanations of systems, parts and technologies (as films/virtual reality)
    • Technical solutions and tips

    Stay connected to our promise
  • Let us customise the experience for you

    Let us customise the experience for you

    For us, anticipating your service needs is something we strive for. By offering you Individualised Services like these, we ensure that your personal preferences are focused on:

    • Complementary holiday check
    • Free 7 year map update
    Tailor-made service packages

  • Think about a sustainable future with us

    It’s never been more important to think about sustainability. And with Kia, it’s also never been easier. Discover the following services to suit your daily driving needs and love for the environment:

    Specialised health checks for eco-friendly models
    • Vehicles returned fully charged after each service

    Think about a sustainable future with us
  • Best Kia Service Award%3A discover an award-winning dealer near you

    Best Kia Service Award: discover an award-winning dealer near you

    The dealerships with the highest standards are awarded the Best Kia Service Award. It’s your proof of quality and customer satisfaction. They are judged on the basis of the Best Kia Service Principles.

Best Kia Service Principles

  • Vehicle Health Check

    The technicians check your Kia’s key components for safety and performance – free of charge whenever you visit the dealership.

  • Handover

    Do you have any questions about technology, service, costs? We give you the answers, whether you are collecting your car or bringing it in for service. No rush.

  • Car Cleaning

    Your car has not only been serviced but cleaned as well. That means no extra work for you. And no charge.

  • Alternative Transportation

    If your car can’t be repaired the same day, you will be offered alternative transport – the costs are covered.

  • Waiting Lounge Area

    If you choose to wait at the dealership, you should feel right at home – with great comfort and convenience.

  • Follow-up Call

    Is there anything that could have been done better? You will receive a call to check if you are satisfied with the customer service.

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