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Does cruise control save gas?

“Cruise control can help save on gas if used on flat road conditions that are free from traffic congestion. However, it is not recommended when driving on mountainous terrain.”

Although cruise control is fuel-efficient, there are many other ways to do so. Here are some additional tips to help improve your gas usage:  


1)    Drive progressively

By gradually accelerating from 0-60 at approximately 15 seconds instead of aggressively mashing the gas pedal and speeding up within 10 seconds, test results show that you could be potentially saving up an average of 31-37% on fuel instead of seeing it wash down the drain.


2)    The slower the speed, the more you save

As you may already know, most vehicles on the freeway are usually going anywhere between 75-90mph even though the speed limit is 65-70mph. But by going at such a fast speed, it is inefficient. Similar to tip #1, the slower you drive, the more cost-efficient you become and by doing so, you could be saving an average of 12-14% on fuel.


3)    If you aren’t using it, turn it off

If you’re stuck in traffic and forced to stop for longer than a minute or 2, it is recommended to turn off your engine instead. With this simple step, it can help you save up to 19% on the cost of fuel.