The 2019 Kia Soul compact crossover exterior sketch
Clay design of the 2019 Kia Soul compact crossover
A black 2019 Kia Soul compact crossover

Sleeker and more

It’s a bold silhouette that captures the soul of the road and announces the arrival of a transformative driving experience.


The 2019 Soul with HID headlights and LED fog lights

Lights are the real stars.

The Soul's available High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights and LED front fog lights are bright and crisp, allowing you to see more of the road at night and drive with more confidence.


LED rear combination lamps on the 2019 Kia Soul

See the bright side.

Now your departure looks as impressive as your arrival. An impressive array of available LED lights adds a captivating accent to the 2019 Soul.


What color is your Soul?

Let your Soul stand out with a distinctive color scheme that matches your personality. The Designer Collection offers a series of unique paintwork options to let you express your own inner driver.


Clear white w/ red roof 2019 Kia Soul

Pure as the driven snow, topped with a touch of fun. The distinctive design of the Clear White w/ Red Roof combo adds a pop of color that stands out anywhere.

Wild orange 2019 Kia Soul compact crossover

Born to be wild? The Wild Orange designer color offers dazzling paintwork that’s as bold, daring, and carefree as you are.

Caribbean Blue 2019 Kia Soul compact crossover

Inspired by the vivid blue waters of its namesake, the Caribbean Blue color hue infuses a vibrant and unique personality into your Soul.

Inferno red 2019 Kia Soul compact crossover

Turn up the heat on bold style and striking design with the Inferno Red color combo that will make you the hottest thing on the road.

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