A finely tuned body.

The Optima Hybrid is no mere duplicate of our regular Optima. It arrives with assured style of its own that complements its future-forward hybrid nature. The design enhancements go beyond visual appeal—they also boost the vehicle’s aerodynamics.


Up close.

With new front and rear bumpers, and an exclusive alloy-wheel design, the Optima Hybrid is full of unique touches that add character and refinement to the vehicle.


Available High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlights provide crisp white light that helps illuminate the road ahead.

Heavy fog can make driving more challenging. Optima Hybrid's Fog Lights can assist with visibility during difficult conditions.

The LED Rear Combination Lamps add a measure of standout style to the rear. Their bright appearance also helps make the Optima Hybrid more visible.

Designed to flow.

In the Optima Hybrid, efficiency isn’t simply about a hybrid powertrain. In order to help you make better use of fuel, the exterior itself is designed to lend a helping hand. The side airflow vent reduces drag, allowing air to pass freely through it.

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