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Kia e-Care Service Plans | Kia UK

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Welcome to Kia e-Care Service Plans

Kia e-Care is a bespoke electric car service plan to keep your EV in top condition. The plan includes an annual check, which features specific electric car maintenance services like tyre rotation, brake cleaning and battery health checks, as well as scheduled electric car servicing from specialist technicians.

Our Kia-trained technicians use genuine Kia parts, service tools and diagnostic equipment – so you can be confident that your Kia is in the most capable hands.

Explore Kia e-Care for competitive fixed-price EV servicing near you.

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Benefits of the Kia e-Care Electric Car Service Plan

  • Rotate Tyres

    Tyre rotation is important, as it evens out tyre wear for EVs. Uneven tyre tread depths can cause driveability issues, especially on AWD models, as systems may mistakenly detect wheel slip due to different rolling tyre circumferences. . With an electric vehicle servicing plan from Kia, you will receive an annual check, including tyre rotation between your front and rear axles to even out wear rates.

  • Clean Brakes

    Due to regenerative braking, the use of the hydraulic braking system on EVs can be significantly reduced. Because of this, our EV servicing plan includes brake disc cleaning to prevent corrosion and keep your EV’s brake system running at top performance.

  • Battery State of Health Check

    Regularly checking the condition of your EV’s battery helps keep it in good condition. Our technicians will perform a Battery State of Health check as part of your EV servicing plan and provide you with a report.

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