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Public electric car charging
made easy with Kia Charge

The Kia Charge app provides access to the largest number of public charging networks in the UK, and many more charging networks across 28 other European countries.

The Kia Charge mobile app and card open the door to the majority of the UK's electric charging points. With Kia Charge, you locate and navigate to stations, charge and pay, all with only one solution. Charging on the go has never been easier.

23 UK networks accessible from Kia Charge including


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How long will it take to charge an electric car at a public station?

Public stations can supply energy at very different speeds. Stations offering Alternating Current (AC) charging usually operate at 7kW, which charges a plug-in hybrid vehicle from 0% to 100% in between two and four hours and an electric vehicle in between six and 10 hours.

Direct Current (DC) stations are much faster, with speeds ranging between 50kW and 350kW. It’s important to bear in mind that each Kia model operates up to a certain maximum charging speed so although you’ll be able to use any station you may not be able to take advantage of its full speed.

But remember: You’ll rarely need to charge for that long at a public station. First you’ll rarely start a charge from a completely empty battery. Second, you may not need a full battery to complete your journey. And last, an electric car’s battery takes as long to charge from 0% to 80% as it does from 80% to 100%. If you are focused on completing a journey as fast as possible, you’ll want to make sure you only charge up to 80% capacity.

Charging time by station speed and model Charging time by station speed and model

Model 350kW DC 50kW DC
Three-phase AC
7.2kW AC
Single Phase
                CCS socket CCS socket Type 2 socket Type 2 socket
Effective max. power Approx. charging time Effective max. speed


Approx. charging time


Effective max. speed Approx. charging time


Effective max. speed



Approx. charging time


Niro, XCeed & Ceed SW PHEV N/A N/A N/A N/A 3.3kW 2 hours
15 min
3.3kW 2 hours
15 min
Sorento PHEV

N/A N/A 3.3kW 3 hours
25 min
3.3kW 3 hours
25 min
Soul EV, e-Niro '2' / '3' 77kW 54 min*
50kW 1 hour
15 min
7.2kW 9 hours
35 min
7.2kW 9 hours
35 min
e-Niro '4+' 77kW 54 min*
50kW 1 hour
15 min
11.5kW 7 hours 7.2kW 9 hours
35 min
EV6 Approx. 220kW 18 min** 50kW 1 hour 13 min 11kW 7 hours 20 min 7.2kW TBC

* 0% to 80% battery charge

** 10% to 80% battery charge 


Three reasons why Kia Charge is the best way to charge your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle:

1. The largest network of
fast and rapid chargers

  • Largest collection of UK charging networks

    Kia Charge gives you access to more than 20,500 electric car charging points in the UK. This accounts for 70% of Britain’s infrastructure and represents the largest collection of networks accessible from one solution. Its coverage currently includes network operators such as bp pulse, Pod Point, Source London, Instavolt, ESB Energy or IONITY among others.

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  • Go abroad worry-free

    Kia Charge lets you access charge points in 28 other European countries in exactly the same way as it does in the UK. All charging abroad is also billed in British Pound so you don't have to pay any pesky bank charge.

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  • High-speed charging at your fingertips

    Kia Charge lets you access a wide network of rapid DC chargers - some of them as fast as 350kW; allowing you to charge your Kia EV in the shortest possible time while travelling.

2. All-in-one solution

  • Real time information

    You have all information about the charging station at your fingertips, including the network operator’s name, socket type, charging speed and live availability information. Kia Charge also lets you navigate to your chosen station or plots routes with electric charging points.

  • Clear prices

    Prices are usually expressed in £ per kWh or £ per minute. Registered users can view all prices applicable at each station before they start a charge their electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

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  • All-in-one solution

    All you need to charge across Kia Charge's different networks is your RFID card or mobile app.

3. Transparent and tailored tariffs

  • Pay monthly

    Charge up and move on without thinking of paying a bill on-site or collecting countless receipts. With Kia Charge, all charging sessions are paid in a monthly invoice that summarises all of the month's charging activity.

  • All your usage in one place

    With all your charging activity itemised in one place, you can better understand and optimise your usage.

  • Best prices for bp pulse and Ionity

    With our optional bp pulse and IONITY monthly subscriptions, you can benefit from significant savings when charging within these two networks.

Two base tariffs

Kia Charge Easy is perfect if you only occasionally charge at public electric charging stations. It gives you the freedom to access most UK charging stations – with no monthly subscription fee.

Kia Charge Plus is made for you if you use electric public charging stations on a regular basis. It gives you 15% discount versus the Easy tariff in networks other than bp pulse, Pod Point and Ionity. It also saves you from paying a session fee in the UK.

Two base tariffs Two base tariffs

Tariff Kia Charge Easy Kia Charge Plus
Subscription Fee No £2.99 per month
Card Activation Fee £1.99 one off fee £0

bp pulse: 'instant' rate

IONITY: £0.69/kWh

Other: as priced

bp pulse: 'instant' rate

IONITY: £0.69/kWh

Other: 15% discount vs Easy

Session Fee


when charging outside of the Pod Point or bp pulse networks

Advantage Fully flexible without monthly fees Pay less in selected networks

Charging outside of the UK is subject to the visited country's Easy tariff, regardless of your UK subscription.

Kia Charge tariffs

Two optional subscriptions

bp pulse Optional Subscription
Kia Charge already gives you access to the bp pulse network but with our optional bp pulse subscription and for just £7.85 per month, you benefit from significantly reduced kWh prices. If you already have a pre-existing bp pulse subscription contracted directly with bp pulse, you can simply register and use it within Kia Charge, at no additional cost.

IONITY Optional Subscription
IONITY’s network of ultra-fast 350kW electric car charging stations is dotted along the UK and Europe’s major motorways. Kia Charge already gives you seamless access to Ionity’s network but with our optional £11.25-per-month Ionity subscription, you pay only £0.25 per kWh.

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Ready to experience the best in electric public charging?

Get your own Kia Charge account today to enjoy seamless access to our ever-growing network of electric car charging points.


All technical data and technical specification are expected targets, pending further development and homologation. All figures are subject to change.

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