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Kia’ response to COVID-19


In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kia is supporting customers and communities around the world in the fight against the virus.

Kia recognizes the sacrifices made by healthcare professionals and volunteers globally, and is providing fleets of vehicles to frontline personnel to facilitate mobility at a time when they need it most.

The company is also working closely with governments to support communities and organizations on the front line to counteract COVID-19, in the form of financial donations and provision of medical and personal protection equipment.

Kia has also established a range of national and international after service programs to offer peace of mind to customers who may be facing financial strains or mobility restrictions during this time.

Finally, the company has introduced a range of measures to create a safe working environment for its employees in all regions to ensure their health and safety throughout this time.


Our efforts around the world


·         ‘Kia Promise’ global warranty and service interval extension program

·         Payment deferral programs (where available)

·         Digital showroom and online booking (where available)

·         Work from home implemented for employees according to government guidelines

·         Building disinfection and provision of personal sanitation items (where available)



·         Provision of protection goods to local community in China

·         Donation made to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s Relief Fund in India

·         Training center buildings provided as treatment facility in Korea


Africa and Middle East

·         Campaign to raise COVID-19 awareness, providing tips to avoid infection and fun stay-at-home ideas in Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan



·         Fleet of vehicles provided to Red Cross to assist rescue efforts in Colombia

·         Support for local government in their benchmarking of Korean government’s response to pandemic by setting up expert consultation in Mexico

·         Production of protective face shields at manufacturing plant for donation to Georgia Emergency Management Agency and medical facilities in U.S.

·         Donation to aid homeless youth during pandemic, and donation of masks to medical facility in U.S.



·         Fleet of vehicles provided for transport of seniors and children, food delivery, and medicine in Czech Republic

·         Fleet of vehicles provided to support grocery deliveries in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan to risk groups in Italy

·         Fleet of vehicles provided to support volunteers, and donation to #MyVmeste fund in Russia

·         Fleet of vehicles provided to local hospitals for medical staff to use during commute or emergencies in Spain

·         Fleet of vehicles provided to support healthcare personnel and for restaurant deliveries in Sweden

·         Donation of disinfectant to support young children, their families, and medical staff in Poland

·         Donation to Red Cross, University Hospital in Martin, and other organizations to fund medical equipment, including face masks for elderly in Slovakia

·         Drawings of Kia vehicles posted on social media as a fun coloring activity for families staying at home in France, Poland, Spain, U.K. and more