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The Rio

The Rio

    • Max. Power (hp / rpm) 121 @6,300
    • Warranty 5 Years / 100K


    Bigger, bolder and poised for adventure

    Get ready for excitement. With a new look, more interior space, and lively performance, the Kia Rio has charm that deepens when you get behind the wheel. It’s more than a city car. It’s an everyday travel companion.

    Striking at rest. Tantalizing in motion

    Attractive new aerodynamic contours are just part of what makes the Kia Rio so striking. Its smooth ride, agile handling and invigorating performance bring excitement to life.


    Logical ergonomic control for any situation

    The cockpit prioritizes information and limits visual and manual distractions. The cluster presents driving data, while a center floating display simplifies access to a range of entertainment and comfort controls.

    It helps you stay informed, aware, and totally focused

    Technology has transformed daily life. But the devices and services we depend on have their time and place. The Rio offers a simple presentation of the information you need to see as you focus on your driving.

    Relax all the way there… and back

    Up to five people can ride in comfort with plenty of room to stretch thanks to a longer wheelbase. Automatic air conditioning adds to the experience.


    All the room needed to live out your dreams

    Whether it’s just another day or the trip of a lifetime, the Rio makes the good life that much more within reach. Get familiar with its clever approaches to stowing cargo and putting people at ease.

    Practicality looks better than ever

    Whether you choose it for aesthetics or practicality, the Rio makes versatility look alluring, offering true enjoyment to anyone with a deep passion for driving. Take it to all the places you’ve been waiting to go.

    Bring new style to everyday excursions

    Sometimes beauty runs deep and endures. With winning style, ample seating and cargo capacity, the Kia Rio lets you set out every day feeling like the world is yours to explore.


    The power to pull ahead of the pack

    The Rio combines fuel saving efficiency with a constant reserve of power. Its handling around town is smooth and agile. And when speed is called for, you’ll love the punch of performance it offers.

    Slip through the air. Dart through traffic

    The sinuous lines of the Rio harmonize with the wind, enhancing the fuel economy. Its nimble handling makes it the ideal vehicle for the quick turns and unexpected detours that are part of modern urban life.


    A single-minded obsession with everything that could go wrong

    We believe that a car has one paramount duty: to protect the people inside it and around it. The Rio features intelligent active safety technologies and substantial passive safety enhancements for your peace of mind.


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