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In Pursuit of Excellence

At Naza, excellence has always been our guiding principle. We believe in excellence and a company is as good as its people. In our quest for excellence, we went beyond the machinery, to heart of the company – its people. We recognized the imperative need to develop and equip our employees and business partners with the ideal skills for the task. Thus came the birth of the Naza Kia Academy.

The history of Naza is embedded in a remarkable and unique tale interwoven into a fabric of many colours. Look closely and you will realize that Naza is more than just brick and mortar. You will find a company built from scratch – with passion, sweat and a core value of excellence.


A centre of learning in the local Automotive Industry to develop Human Capital for the Group’s employees and partners to achieve customer satisfaction. The Naza Kia Academy is our pledge to excellence, where we ensure our workforce is kept updated with current skills and know-how methodology. Heralded as the Centre of Excellence, the Naza Kia Academy conducts training and development programmes for employees of Naza Kia Sdn Bhd, Naza Kia Services Sdn Bhd, Naza Corporation Sdn Bhd, Naza Automotive Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, as well as for other subsidiaries of Naza Group of Companies.

The facilities at the academy are comparable to the OTC’s (Overseas Training Centres) in ISA, Germany and Saudi Arabia. The facilities provided are Training & Development facilities, Operational Service Centre, Showroom and Hostel.

In addition, the academy is recognized by Kia Corporation as its overseas training centre in the Asia Pacific region.


  • To conduct effective technical and developmental training programmes for employees as required for each job.
  • To train employees to achieve higher customer satisfaction
  • To develop competencies that support the Group’s business plan
  • To certify employees through government recognized MLVK training programmes.
  • To pursue twinning (training) programmes with relevant institutions of higher learning.


  1. 1 Automotive Business Consultant Apprenticeship
  2. 2 Sales Executive Development
  3. 3 Managerial Development
  4. 4 Executive Development
  5. 5 Sales Manager Development
  6. 6 Service Manager Development
  7. 7 Service Advisor Development
  8. 8 Supervisor Development
  9. 9 Clerical Development
  10. 10 Environment, Safety & Health
  11. 11 Defensive Driving
  12. 12 Computer Training
  13. 13 Telephone Techniques


  1. 1 Engine & Transmission
  2. 2 Air Conditioning
  3. 3 Automotive Electrical & Electronic
  4. 4 Chassis & Trim
  5. 5 Alignment & Suspension
  6. 6 Welding, Machining & Fitting
  7. 7 Panel Beater & Body Repair
  8. 8 Spray Painting