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We Make Surprises
Do you still remember the surprises
from your younger days?
We can help you relive those moments.

We Make Surprises

Watch the latest Kia brand film - We Make Surprises -
and see the wonderful cars Kia offers to people around the world.
We Make Surprises image
Have you ever wondered where our sense of excitement is gone?
When we were children, every day was filled with new surprises.
So this gave Kia an idea...
What if we went beyond just providing mobility, to making surprises?

To research joy...
To design anticipation...
And to engineer technology that safeguards our happiness...When something goes beyond our expectations,
there is a thrilling sense of anticipation...
and when that thrill meets Kia, big surprises abound...

Restoring new opportunities for new surprises, like it used to be.

We Make Surprises