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Available Functions

Pairing to your smartphone

To use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, you'll need to make sure your phones are Android 5.0 Lollipop and iPhone 5 or higher. And both Apply CarPlay and Android Auto can be connected wirelessly or via cable depending on the vehicle. Select from the the drop down menu below for phones OS.

Android auto and Apple CarPlay

Next, follow these steps:
1. Download and install the Android Auto App from Google Play Store in case of Android phones.
For iPhones, make sure Apple CarPlay and Siri are enabled. IF you do not see options for Apple CarPlay or Siri, update to the latest iOS version.
2. On the All Menus screen, tap Set up ▶Device Connections ▶Menu ▶ Phone Projection Settings ▶ Android Auto or Apple CarPlay and then check Enable Android Auto or Enable Apply CarPlay depending on your phone model.

Android Auto

Apple CarPlay

   *The screen may differ depending on the vehicles.
3. Connect your smartphone to the USB port on the vehicle by using the provided USB cable.
4. When your smart phone is locked, unlock it first and then consent to the use of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Getting Started!

Google Android Auto

Apple CarPlay

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