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Efficient EV Charging: Target Battery Charge Level Setting

Close-up of charging port of the EV6 being charged
Kia EVs allow you to set a target battery charge level through the EV menu in the infotainment system. By using the target battery charge level setting function, you can prevent overcharging and effectively manage your battery.

How to set up the target battery charge level

Infotainment display showing EV Settings menu
  1. 01Navigate to the [EV] menu on the infotainment display in your vehicle and select [Settings] > [Max. % Charging].
  2. 02Choose the type of charger (DC or AC) and adjust the desired charging amount as needed.
  3. 03You can set the battery charge level in increments of 10%, ranging from 50% to 100%.


  • If the target battery charge level is lower than the current battery charge level, the battery will not be charged.
The availability and operation of features may vary depending on the model, trim, and region. For detailed information, please refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle.