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What is a family car?

“A family car is a family-friendly vehicle that can haul passengers of all sizes and meet the everyday needs of a regular family.”


A family car, in general, is defined as a vehicle that can accommodate passengers of varying sizes, and meet the needs of the average family. Whether you are transporting multiple kids on a regular basis or planning a fun family road trip, today's family cars might provide extra comfort and safety features you need to carry out the average family's daily tasks. Vehicles that fall within this category are sedans, SUVs, minivans, and station wagons. 



For families who prefer comfort over off-road capability, convenient sedans can be a great option. Large or mid-size sedans provide a lot of space as well as a smooth ride and better fuel economy, therefore making them one of the best choices for a regular family. Many family sedans these days come with an intuitive infotainment system that offers a bunch of kid-friendly entertainment options, so once again, they can be your fun family car to keep you and your family smiling while on the road.



The arrival of a new baby, as well as the upcoming family road trips, means that need a vehicle with plenty of space and extra safety features. If that is the case, then SUVs that have room for the whole family along with ample cargo space can be the right vehicle for you. Plus, SUVs offer a superior view of the road ahead with a high driving position, with clear visibility as well as improved safety.



A minivan is undoubtedly one of the best family haulers, especially for young families with kids. Minivans offer roomy passenger space as well as deep cargo capability, making it the number 1 reason why families select them. Besides, its sliding doors enable easy ingress and egress for passengers. These days, many buyers opt for SUVs or crossovers as an alternative to minivans as they also provide the same degree of convenience as the minivan. Nonetheless, minivans still remain a popular choice among parents and those who look for practical vehicles that can meet the needs of comfort and power.


Station Wagons

One substantial differentiating factor between a station wagon and other car types is its elegant, extended roofline which offers extra room for passengers. Coupled with its elongated exterior, station wagons can be comfortable and luxurious. They provide plenty of legroom for kids and their friends as well as ample cargo space, making it extremely convenient to drive them around. In addition, those families who frequently enjoy outdoor activities, get the bonus of easily loading and towing heavy gears such as mountain bikes, kayaks, etc.

If you have been contemplating buying a family car, you might be stuck with the decision on which car you should buy. The decision to purchase a family vehicle not only requires a significant amount of research but also comes with a handful of other decisions such as financial, safety, and reliability. Nowadays, we are bombarded with numerous options which can stall your decision-making and potentially stress you out. Hopefully, our two tips provided below will help you by giving you some clarity about a family car and narrowing numerous possibilities down to a few essential choices.


Safety Comes First

The vehicles dubbed as the "best family cars" on the market are usually laden with state-of-the-art safety features, such as the driver assistance system that alerts the driver for a potential collision, etc. They also come with two or three rows of seating along with plenty of extra room, making them safer in the event of a crash. That shows the priority in buying a family car should be safety. Especially, if you are the parent, your child's safety should come first, and a decent amount of attention to the safety features of your family car can make sure your family is secure. 


Seating and Cargo Area

Comfortable seating and cavernous cargo area are also key factors in choosing a family car. Especially, the rear seats where your kids or elderly parents would spend their time is something you need to take a closer look at. All seats should be comfortable and spacious, including the second or third row. A family car with as many seats as 7 or 8 can also provide a roomy cargo space when you fold them down for large items. Imagine a road trip with your baby or children, and in order to make it an exciting event, these two elements are extremely crucial.