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How to set up cruise control?

“Push the ‘CRUISE’ button and accelerate until you reach the desired speed. Pull the lever to ‘SET’ to activate the function. For more details, please refer to your car manual.”

1)    To initiate the cruise control system, push the ‘CRUISE’ button located on the steering wheel. The ‘CRUISE’ notification will appear on the dashboard. Then, press the accelerator pedal until you reach the desired cruise control speed. Keep in mind the speed needs to be set higher than 20mph (30km/h).

2)    Next, under the ‘CRUISE’ button, pull the lever down to ‘SET-‘ to activate the cruise control function and let it return to the original position once you reach the desired speed. By doing so, the ‘SET’ notification will show up on the dashboard. From this point onward, the accelerator pedal can be released and will continue to maintain the speed for a more comfortable drive.

3)    If you want to change the speed, check the speed on the display and adjust by pulling the lever up to ‘RES +’ to speed up, or down to ‘RES –‘ to slow down. By briefly pulling the switch up or down, the set speed will change by 1km/h.

Additionally, you can increase or decrease the speed temporarily. When acceleration is needed, such as overtaking another vehicle in the midst of cruising, press the accelerator pedal to increase the speed without affecting the set speed. To return to the set speed, simply release the accelerator pedal.


4)    To pause the cruise control function, push the ‘CANCEL’ button, press the brake pedal, slow down the speed of the vehicle to under 12 mph (20 km/h), or change to N (Neutral) if using an Automatic Transmission.

5)    To re-activate the cruise function, briefly push the lever up to ‘RES +’. By doing so, the vehicle will automatically return to the set speed with an exception of if the vehicle is going lower than 20mph (30 km/h), in which case the cruise control will not restart.

6)    To completely disable the cruise control function, press the 'CRUISE' button or turn off the vehicle.

Regardless if your vehicle has standard cruise control or adaptive cruise control, here are some safety principles to follow:


-Always stay vigilant and pay attention while on the road in the case of emergencies due to weather, road conditions, or changes in traffic.


-Avoid using cruise control under certain weather conditions such as rain, hail, or snow as the roads may become slippery and cause an unexpected accident due to the lack of traction.


-Ideally, cruise control only should be used on freeways and in little or no traffic. Please also keep in mind to maintain enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you. If you see a large amount of traffic ahead, make sure to press the brake or push the ‘CANCEL’ button to deactivate the cruise control function.