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Kia Warranty
Our commitment to quality for customers
5-Year Warranty or 7-Year Warranty
Kia offers a 7-year or 200,000-kilometer warranty for the Sonet, Carens and a 5-year unlimited kilometer warranty for the Seltos, Grand Carnival, Rio, and Picanto. As the best warranty program in Indonesia, consumers can have even more confidence in using Kia as a vehicle of pride with globally standardized product quality.

5 year / Unlimited km Warranty

5 years manufacturer warranty and 4 years free scheduled maintenance, for first 50,000 km or whichever comes first.


• Carnival, Sedona, Seltos, Rio, and Picanto

5 year / 150,000 km Warranty

5 years manufacturer warranty (or first 150,000 km) and 4 years free scheduled maintenance, for first 50,000 km or whichever comes first.


• EV6 and EV9

7 year / 200,000 km Warranty

7 years manufacturer warranty (or first 200,000 km) and 4 years free scheduled maintenance, for first 50,000 km or whichever comes first


• Sonet and Carens


8-year warranty for High Voltage Battery

Kia Indonesia offers an 8-year warranty program aimed at HV Battery for EVs. Enjoy our battery warranty program of the best quality to further ensure safe driving of our vehicle.
Benefits to Customer
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Lower Maintenance Costs

With the industry's longest, best-in-class warranty, you can save on unexpected repair costs while driving your vehicle.
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Transferrable Warranty

Kia warranty can be transferred to a new owner when you sell your Kia, which can increase its reliability and resale value. Additionally, in other countries, you can still receive service during the original warranty period.
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Emergency Roadside Assistance

You can rely on emergency roadside assistance from your nearest Kia Dealer in the event of an unexpected breakdown or accident.
  • You may take your Kia to any Authorized Kia Dealer for warranty and service. For a full listing of Authorized Kia Dealers, visit our Kia Dealers section on our website - www.kia.com/id - or call Kia Customer Service on 14023 or 021-8565959
    • Costs associated with scheduled maintenance as detailed in the Owner's Manual.

    • Damages due to factors beyond the manufacturer's control:

      1. Misuse of the Kia vehicle, such as driving over curbs, overloading, racing etc.

      2. Accidents, such as collision, fire, theft, etc.

      3. Alteration, modification, tampering etc.

      4. Damage or surface corrosion from the environment such as acid rain, airborne fallout (chemicals, tree sap, etc.), salt, road hazards, hail, wind storm, lightning, and acts of God.

      5. Cosmetic conditions or surface corrosion from stone chips or scratches in the paint.

    • Any damage due to lack of maintenance, or the use of the wrong fuel, oil or lubricants, such as:

      1. Lack of proper maintenance as described in your Owner's Manual.

      2. Improper maintenance or the use of other than the specified oil or lubricants as recommended in your Owner’s Manual.

      3. Use of other than the specified fuel, improper fuel quality or fuel contamination.

    • Normal deterioration

      1. Normal wear, tear or deterioration such as discoloration, fading, deformation, etc.

      2. Surface corrosion on any part other than the body sheet metal panels forming the exterior appearance of a Kia Vehicle.

    • Any damage caused when a non-genuine Kia part or accessory has been used.

    • Any defects caused by repairs or replacement by other than an Authorized Kia Dealer.

    • Any damage considered to be part of normal maintenance, such as cleaning and polishing.

    • Replenishment or replacement of oil, fluids, coolant, wiper blades, fan belts, filters, brake and clutch linings, spark plugs, light globes, gaskets and so on, as a result of normal wear and tear.

    • Maintenance services described as 'Scheduled Maintenance Service', 'Owner Maintenance Service' or 'Appearance Care' in your Owner's Manual.

    • Adjustments, such as brake and clutch adjustment, adjustment of head lamps, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, engine adjustment, etc.

    • Any economic loss. This includes, without limitation, payment for loss of use of the Kia Vehicle, lodging, car rentals, travel costs, loss of pay and other expenses or damages.

    • Vehicles with altered odometer reading. Any repair of a Kia vehicle on which the odometer has been altered or on which the actual distance travelled cannot be readily determined may have warranty declined.

  • Kia parts and accessories installed at the time of a retail sale of a new motor vehicle are covered by the Kia New Vehicle Warranty applicable to your vehicle, depending on the vehicle’s use. If accessories are installed by an authorized Kia Dealer after the retail sale, they will be covered for the remainder of the Kia New Vehicle Warranty period or for 1 year, whichever is the greater. In the case where a replacement part is installed under the Kia New Vehicle Warranty during the vehicle’s warranty period, the part is covered for the remainder of the Kia New Vehicle Warranty period only. Kia replacement parts and accessories that are not installed by an authorized Kia Dealer are covered by Parts and Accessory Warranty for 1 year or 20,000 km’s, whichever occurs first.
  • The Kia New Vehicle Warranty will continue to apply to vehicles that may have been modified. However, Kia does not warrant the workmanship of, nor any part, component, assembly, equipment or accessory that has not been supplied by and approved by Kia for the specified purpose. Should any defect be caused by or be attributable to any modification not carried out at the direction of Kia Indonesia, the Kia New Vehicle Warranty will not cover any part, component, assembly, equipment or accessory used in the modification, nor any part, component, assembly, equipment or accessory that has been damaged due to a failure which is attributable to the modification.
  • If a component covered by the Kia New Vehicle Warranty fails as a result of poor workmanship or materials, rendering the vehicle immobile or undriveable, the cost of towing to the nearest authorized Kia dealer is generally covered under warranty. It is recommended that you contact your nearest Authorized Kia Dealer or call Kia Customer Service on 14023 or 021-8565959 for guidance regarding warranty coverage prior to arranging towing. For vehicles eligible for Kia Roadside Assist call 14023 or 021-8565959 for assistance.
  • Kia does not manufacture LPG compatible engines for vehicles imported to Indonesia. Therefore, Kia advises that LPG should not be used in its range of petrol vehicles. The use of LPG in an engine not specifically designed for use with this type of fuel may lead to excessive wear, drivability concerns and engine management issues.

    If a LPG system is fitted to a Kia engine/vehicle, the Kia New Vehicle Warranty does not apply to the LPG system nor to any conditions/defects that are attributable to the LPG system installation or to operation of the engine using LPG. Refer to the previous question - ‘Will my warranty be affected if I have the vehicle modified?’

  • The tire manufacturer covers the original tires fitted to the vehicle. Should you have any concerns regarding the tires on your vehicle, contact your Authorized Kia Service Dealer for assistance.
  • The battery on Kia Vehicles is covered for 2 years (unlimited kilometres) from the warranty start date.
  • Parts and labour used in carrying out repairs covered by the Kia New Vehicle Warranty and conducted at an Authorized Kia are covered under Kia New Vehicle Warranty.
  • In the unlikely event you should suffer a breakdown as a result of a defect which is covered by the Kia New Vehicle Warranty and the vehicle cannot be driven (or cannot be driven safely) & if your vehicle is eligible for roadside assistance, you should contact the nearest Authorized Kia Dealer to arrange for transportation of your vehicle.
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