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Defrosting Windows for Safe Driving

Close-up of the Kia vehicle

How to defrost the vehicle's windows using the climate control

Illustration of air conditioning and defroster buttons
  • To circulate air inside and outside the vehicle, turn off the air intake control button in the climate control panel.
  • Turn on the front windshield defroster, which directs air to the windshield, increases the air volume and temperature, and activates the air conditioning. This will also activate the air conditioner's dehumidifying function while raising the temperature inside the vehicle.
  • For quick defrosting of the rear window and exterior mirrors, press the rear window defroster button. This will activate the rear window and exterior mirrors heating.


  • Turn off the defroster after defrosting to avoid the risk of fire due to high heat.
  • Avoid pouring hot water on frosted windows as rapid temperature differences can cause damage to the glass.
  • Thaw the windshield and wiper blades before operating the wiper in winter to prevent damage to the blades.