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Using the Tire Mobility Kit to Repair a Flat Tire

Close-up of a flat tire

How to repair a flat tire with the Tire Mobility Kit

If a tire punctures while driving, the TPMS warning light on the instrument panel will turn on. In the event of a flat tire, it is important to move the car to a safe location before attempting to make any repairs. The Tire Mobility Kit located under the trunk floor can be used as a temporary fix for the flat tire.
Illustration of the speed limit label attached on the sealant container and steering wheel
  1. 01Open the trunk and take out the tire mobility kit under the floor. Attach the speed limit label on the sealant container to a conspicuous location, such as the steering wheel, and observe the speed limit when driving the vehicle after repair.
Illustration showing how to remove the cap of the sealant bottle and the holder cap
  1. 02Shake the sealant bottle well and connect it to the compressor mount after removing the cap from the sealant bottle and the holder cap from the compressor.
Illustration of sealant bottle's filling hose connected to the tire valve
  1. 03Ensure that the compressor is turned off, unscrew the valve cap of the damaged tire. Connect the sealant bottle's filling hose to the tire valve.
Illustration of power connector connected to the power outlet
  1. 04Connect the compressor's power connector to the vehicle's power outlet.
Illustration of the vehicle and the compressor
  1. 05Start the vehicle and turn on the compressor.
Illustration showing close-up of the tire
  1. 06Inject sealant until the tire reaches the proper pressure.
Illustration showing the compressor
  1. 07Turn off the compressor, remove the hose from the tire valve, and return the tire mobility kit under the trunk floor.
Motion graphic of the vehicle driven slowly
  1. 08Drive the vehicle at a speed of 20 to 80 km/h for 7-10 km or 10 minutes to evenly distribute the sealant inside the tire.


  • After using the mobility kit to seal a tire, replace the tire at the nearest Kia service center within 200 km. During this time, it is advisable to maintain a speed of less than 80 km/h.
  • The tire mobility kit is only designed to seal the tread part where the tire contacts the road surface.
  • Do not use the Tire Mobility Kit to repair large punctures or damage to the tire sidewalls.
The availability and operation of features may vary depending on the model, trim, and region. For detailed information, please refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle.