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Stylish and practical… just like you


Stylish and practical… just like you

The all-new Optima is designed around the way we live. How we commute. How we relax. How we connect with technology. Step into the intelligent new era of transportation.

    360° VR

    Snow White Pearl Clear White Silky Silver Aurora Black Pearl Platinum Graphite Moss Gray Temptation Red Gravity Blue Pluto Brown

    Snow White Pearl

    • STARTING FROM HKD 279,900
      (Manufacture Year: 2017)
    • MAX POWER(PS/RPM) 245/6,000
    • WARRANTY 5 years / 150,000km


    It draws you in… and wins you over

    It draws you in… and wins you over

    A bold new shape. Appealing details. Exciting new technology. And an extended wheelbase for even better stability and comfort. The roomier all-new Kia Optima puts refinement into an irresistible package.
    A stunning silhouette

    A stunning silhouette

    Side windows that gracefully stretch beyond the rear doors. A reshaped boot lid that acts as an aerodynamic spoiler. And a choice of new wheel designs. The all-new Kia Optima is a showstopper in the truest sense of the word.
    Even from behind, it puts its best foot forward

    Even from behind, it puts its best foot forward

    An arching aerodynamic stance. Prominent rear lamps. Clean, sculpted lines. And handsome tailpipe options. Any way you look at it, the all-new Kia Optima radiates luxury from any angle.


    Designed for total immersion in the driving experience

    Wireless Smartphone Charger

    Charge a compatible mobile phone wirelessly on the charging pad at the front of the center console. An orange display indicates charging in progress while green indicates a full charge.


    Lightning-quick reflexes

    The chassis of the all new Optima has been reengineered for a smoother ride and more responsive handling through the road's twists and turns.


    Advanced materials for your peace of mind

    Thanks to smarter use of cutting-edge metals and adhesives at critical points of the vehicle chassis, the all-new Kia Optima surrounds you with a lightweight yet strengthened cage—setting a new standard for occupant safety.
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