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Our outstanding Total Care Ownership
Coverage includes:
3 years
100,000 km

Cars built to last. Warranties too. We have a lot of confidence in the quality and
durability in every new Kia that rollsoff the assembly line.

What is Covered (100,000 km or 3 years - whichever comes first)
Repair or replacement of any component, except direct warranty by Kia OE Parts -supplier and locally sourced parts etc., originally manufactured or installed by the factory that is found to be defective in material and workmanship under normal use and maintenance. Repairs will be made using new Kia genuine Parts.

What is Not Covered
Normal maintenance services such as cleaning and polishing, oil changes, adjustments, lubrication, filters, anti- freeze coolant replenishment, wheel alignment and tire rotation unless such services are performed as parts of a covered warrantable repair.
Normal replacement of service items: spark plugs, belts, brake pads or linings, wiper blades, fuses, clutch linings, filters, lamp bulbs, or other consumable unless these replacements are performed as parts of a covered warrantable repair.

Damage or failure resulting from:

  • Negligence of proper maintenance as required in the Owner’s Manual.
  • Misuse, abuse, accident, theft or fire.
  • Use of improper or insufficient fuel, fluids or lubricants.
  • Use of parts other than genuine Kia parts.
  • Any device, parts, and/or accessories not supplied by Kia.
  • Modification, alteration, tampering or improper repair.
  • Parts used in applications for which they were not designed or not approved by Kia.
  • Slight irregularities not recognized as affecting quality or function of the vehicle or parts, such as slight noise or vibration, or items considered characteristic of the vehicle.
  • Tires, locally sourced parts.
  • Airborne fallout, salt, hail and wind storms, or other Acts of God.
  • Action of road elements (sand, gravel, dust or road debris) which result in stone chipping of paint and glass.

Note: For the warranty to be valid for a vehicle for the above-mentioned term, the vehicle needs to be exclusively brought into an authorised Kia dealership for its periodic service and inspections. Failure to comply with this would void the warranty for the vehicle.