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Unlocking Your Car when Smart Key Battery Is Dead

Key Fob Resting on White Leather Surface
If your smart key battery is weak or dead, you may be unable to open your vehicle's door. Here are the steps to unlock your car urgently:

How to unlock vehicle when smart key battery is dead

Illustration: Extracting Mechanical Key from Smart Key
  1. 01Press and hold the release button to extract the mechanical key from the smart key in case of an emergency.
Illustration: Removing Driver's Door Handle Keyhole Cover
  1. 02Use the mechanical key to remove the keyhole cover on the driver's door handle. For flush door handles, press the front part of the handle to expose the keyhole on the rear.
Illustration: Mechanical Key Inserted into Keyhole
  1. 03Insert the mechanical key into the keyhole and turn to unlock the door.


  • When the smart key battery level is low, a message "The battery level on your smart key is low" will appear on the instrument panel every time the engine starts. Replace the battery promptly to avoid any inconvenience.
The availability and operation of features may vary depending on the model, trim, and region. For detailed information, please refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle.