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Celebrate the arrival of style

Celebrate the arrival of style

The Grand Carnival is absolute proof that a car with great power and presence
can also possess a superbly sleek and sporty profile.

    • MAX POWER(HP/RPM) 185/3,800
    • Warranty 3years or 100,000km


    Change the rules and go beyond

    The Grand Carnival takes you to a place where superior design and truly smart features combine with a deep understanding of your practical driving needs. It's a place where maximum luxury goes hand in hand with a respect for economy - a place where the exceptional meets the everyday.

    Dynamic driving in an exciting world

    Effortlessly rise above the toughest demands on your driving skills in any urban landscape.
    The Grand Carnival enables you to assert absolute power over your driving environment.

    Experience the pleasure of driving

    Living life to the fullest is about enjoying everything you do and that includes driving. The Grand Carnival has arrived to make driving a truly satisfying part of how you fill each day with pleasure.


    A supremely elegant and spacious cockpit


    Introducing a new definition of space

    You and your passengers will finally discover that, however far you travel, it is possible to arrive at your destination even more energized than when you left. (* SXL Package)


    Aerodynamic performance

    A truly sleek profile is achieved by paying close attention to wind resistance including the design of the front bumper lip, wheel reflectors and under-coverings.


    Airbag system / Advanced high strength steel

    Airbag system: Airbags for the driver and front passenger as well as side curtain airbags help protect against injury in the event of a collision. Advanced high strength steel: Advanced high strength steel improves impact resistance, body rigidity and performance as weight is reduced and the collision structure is reinforced.
    • Options might differ by regions.
    • All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
      Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.