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Do electric cars use gas?

“Electric cars use electricity stored in the batteries to power its electric motor, which turns the wheels. Owners can recharge the battery through an external outlet and regenerative braking.”

An electric car is powered by an electric motor using the energy stored in its large battery pack, which is charged by an external electric power source or through generative braking. Therefore, they neither contain a conventional internal combustion engine, nor do they produce any tailpipe emissions.

Electric cars derive the electric energy supplied by its battery to power the motor and move the wheels, unlike internal combustion engine cars which run on petroleum-based fuel. The owners of these conventional cars need to trip to a gas station for refueling in their daily routine. In contrast, electric car owners have several ways of charging: at home or work while parked, or at commercial electric vehicle charging stations.

● Battery electric vehicles

 The vehicles are powered entirely by electricity. They use an external outlet to charge their onboard batteries while they also have an internal way of charging called regenerative braking. The e-Niro and e-Soul fall into this category, offering an all-electric and zero-emissions powertrain.


● Hybrid electric vehicles

 This type of electric car combines a conventional internal combustion engine with an electric motor. The electric powertrain serves to achieve either better fuel economy or better performance than a gasoline-powered car. The cars use the electric motor to start, and then the petrol engine kicks in for more power or higher speed. The battery is recharged through regenerative braking.


● Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

 These vehicles are powered by both petrol and electricity. Owners can recharge the battery through both regenerative braking and plugging-in to an external electric charger. They typically run on electricity for shorter journeys, and the conventional power source is needed for longer trips.