Soul power.

Meet the charge port: the newest way to fuel your Soul. With three ways to charge, including standard DC Fast Charging, you can recharge at home, the office, and any of the thousands of public stations. The 6.6 kW onboard charger maximizes throughput for faster charging. And the ultra-dense battery features more energy in a more efficient package, giving you a longer driving range and greater cabin room.


High energy.
Low profile.

More energy-dense than most EV batteries, the Soul EV’s slim lithium-ion polymer battery is packed with 27 kWh of energy to maximize driving range. We placed it right under the floor to give you more cabin space and better handling with a lower center of gravity. Add that to the instant torque from the electric motor and you’ve got one exhilarating ride.


Fast charging comes standard.

Unlike many EVs, all Soul EVs come standard with the quickest available charge port, the DC Fast Charge, which supplies an 80% charge to an empty battery in about 30 minutes. That’s in addition to two more convenient ways to charge. Whether you’re starting your day, leaving the office, or enjoying your road trip, you can always find a full charge.



Charge anywhere using the same 120-volt outlet that you use to power your home appliances. Plug your Soul EV straight into the wall with the included outlet charger. It’s the most accessible way to juice up.

240-volt chargers are mainstream and high-power, taking as little as 4-5 hours to reach total charge. Install one in your home for overnight charging, and use the available UVO eco app or to schedule charge times when electricity rates are at their lowest. Click here for details on home installation.

The 480-volt Direct-Current (DC) Fast Charge is the quickest way to power up. Reaching an 80% charge in about 30 minutes with a 50kW charger, the DC Fast Charge replenishes your battery in the time it takes you to eat lunch. And unlike many other EVs, the Soul EV comes standard with a CHAdeMO DC Fast Charge port.

Charge ahead.

With over 26,000 240-volt charging outlets available nationwide and a rapidly growing DC Fast Charge infrastructure, public charging is more convenient than ever. Easily find a station via the available in-dash UVO EV Services telematics system, the free UVO EV eco app, or one of many online resources like or Plugshare.



Make it yours







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