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187, 188-B, Teigaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh



A bright new look for
a technologically enlightened sedan
A bright new look for a technologically enlightened sedan
The Optima Hybrid offers a sporty and civilized alternative for drivers
who seek more energy-conscious technology without tradeoffs in comfort or style.
Venture into a world
that you helped to make better.
Venture into a world that you helped to make better.
An oasis of comfort and roominess
Vital information and cutting-edge simplicity
Supervision Cluster with 4.3” Color TFT-LCD
Supervision Cluster with 4.3” Color TFT-LCD image
Supervision cluster (7" color TFT LCD)

The hybrid's exclusive 4.3” color TFT LCD display lets you monitor petrol and battery use and economy, and regenerative charging status. Green leaves on the ECO Meter show how efficiently you are driving.

8” Color TFT-LCD Navigation System
Dual-Zone Full Auto Temperature Control
Dual-Zone Full Auto Temperature Control image
Dual-Zone Full Auto Temperature Control

A standard dual-zone full auto temperature control system gives the driver and front passenger the flexibility of separate controls.

Wireless Smartphone Charger
Wireless Smartphone Charger image
Wireless Smartphone Charger

Charge a compatible cell phone wirelessly on the charging pad at the front of the
center console. An orange display indicates charging in progress while green indicates
a full charge.

Vital information and cutting-edge simplicity

Modern life is filled with data,
devices and the potential for
distraction while driving.
The interior of the
Optima Hybrid is designed
to merge forward-thinking
propulsion with an intelligent
human-machine interface.

The interior of the Optima Hybrid feels substantial and open, bringing a positively
luxurious atmosphere to the universe of hybrid cars. The level of seating comfort and
cargo flexibility sets a new standard, creating a welcoming refuge from the world
outside and a practical solution for the demands of modern life.
  • Full auto air conditioning with independent 3-zone control
  • Large center console
  • Anti-pollution seat (YES Essentials®)
  • Dual sunroof
  • Sound system
Cutting-edge safety features for your peace of mind
Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW)
 Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) - BCW uses radar sensors to monitor the Optima Hybrid's blind spots and alert the driver if a vehicle is detected.
Around View Monitor (AVM)
Around View Monitor (AVM) - This intuitive system combines four wide-angle images from cameras at the front, rear and both sides of the vehicle to give you a comprehensive bird's eye view of the space around the vehicle while parking or moving at speeds below 15 km/h.
Parking Distance Warning-Forward (PDW-F)
Parking Distance Warning-Forward (PDW-F) - For safe and confident parking, this systemuses ultrasonic sensors mounted on the front and rear bumpers to warn of any obstacles when maneuvering into tight spaces
Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW)
Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW) - This system warns the driver when pulling out of a parking spot or driveway if it detects any cross traffic in the lane the vehicle is entering. Available only with the Blind-Spot Collision Warning option.
Managing energy with perfectly integrated teamwork
hybrid_car 2.0 Hybrid Engine (Nu 2.0 GDi) Lithium-ion Polymer Battery Traction Motor Regenerative Braking
2.0 Hybrid Engine (Nu 2.0 GDi)

his gasoline direct injection engine generates maximum output of 156 ps at 6,000 rpm
and peak torque of 19.3 kgf·m at 5,000 rpm. With comfortably green fuel consumption
of 4.6L/100 km and 107g/km of CO2, it's the perfect match for the hybrid system.

Lithium-ion Polymer Battery

A durable 270V lithium-ion polymer battery efficiently controls electrical energy and
cools more effectively for better safety. Lightweight design, high power density and
low heat generation set it apart from other hybrid batteries.

Traction Motor

A traction motor is a core element of a hybrid vehicle system. Providing up to 38 kW
of power on its own, the innovative electric motor also assists the hybrid engine in
hybrid mode (HEV) and recharges the battery during deceleration.

Regenerative Braking

Kinetic energy produced when slowing down or coming to a stop is captured and
turned into electricity. This in turn is used to help recharge the battery. The result is
greater vehicle efficiency.

Max. Petrol Engine Power 156 ps
Max. Petrol Engine Power 156 ps
Electric Motor Power 38 kw
Electric Motor Power 38 kw
Battery Energy 1.76 kWh
Battery Energy 1.76 kWh
Efficient Driving Mode
LaunCH Pure EV

When starting out from a
stop, the hybrid system relies
entirely on power from
the electric motor.
This helps reduce petrol
use in stop-and-go traffic.


During mild acceleration,
the system also uses power
exclusively from the electric
motor. It has plenty of
pickup for increasing your


When accelerating harder,
the petrol engine works
together with the electric
motor to get the
Optima Hybrid up to
the desired vehicle speed.


When cruising at relatively
constant speeds, the system
goes into power assist mode,
where the petrol engine is
the main source of drive


The system's regenerative
braking takes advantage
of every decrease in vehicle
speed, capturing energy
and storing it in the battery
for future use.

Intelligent contours:
sculpted to tame the wind
Though it closely resembles its petrol-powered stablemate, the Optima Hybrid is
designed down to the smallest detail to help reduce drag and maximize fuel economy
and battery charge longevity.
Active Air Flap
Active Air Flap

An active air flap in the grille applies proactive cooling control
to the engine. Closing at higher speeds to reduce drag,
it enhances performance and fuel efficiency.

Air Curtain
Center Floor
and Side-Sill Molding
Center Floor and Side-Sill Molding

A center-floor undercover stretches between the side-sill
moldings, allowing a smooth flow of air beneath the car for better fuel efficiency and performance.

Performance counts wherever you are headed
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