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187, 188-B, Teigaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh



Celebrate the extraordinary

Celebrate the extraordinary

Fresh, funky and playful, the future is full of possibilities in the Kia e-Soul
all-electric-crossover. With its eccentric design styling featuring a front plug-in
charge socket plus an advanced EV powertrain that delivers a range of up to 452km
on one full charge. This is an electric car with its own truly unique character,
just like the people who drive it.

Cherish the exceptional

Cherish the exceptional

The Kia e-Soul celebrates its personality from every angle! From behind,
the iconic 3D muscular rear design showcases futuristic-looking wrap-around LED
rear lamps, surrounding the vertical tailgate for easy loading and extra boot capacity.
Finished off with an iconic rear bumper shape and dynamic extra molding
for extra stability, the Kia e-Soul leaves a fun and lasting impression that others
can only dream of.

Relish the engaging

Stand back and admire the quirky dynamic character of the Kia e-Soul with its
stand-out body silhouette and clean-cut lines; then smile at the stand-out Soul logo
on the C-pillar for that extra touch of fun. Add to that the opportunity to customize
the exterior of your e-Soul with a choice of 7 stylish one-tone colors or
one of 7 vibrant two-tone color exterior combinations that mix color with vibrant
metallic shades and with newly developed 17-inch alloy wheels, you’ve created
a car that’s all about you.

Full LED Headlamps

Full LED HeadlampsSeamlessly integrated into the sleek front are dual
high and low-beam LED headlamps with
LED Daytime Running Lights below as standard.

Exterior Colors

One-tone Two-tone

  • Snow white pearl /worldwide/vehicles/e-soul/images/360vr/01_SWP/
  • Sparkling Silver /worldwide/vehicles/e-soul/images/360vr/02_KCS/
  • Gravity Grey /worldwide/vehicles/e-soul/images/360vr/03_KDG/
  • Cherry Black /worldwide/vehicles/e-soul/images/360vr/04_9H/
  • Inferno Red /worldwide/vehicles/e-soul/images/360vr/05_AJR/
  • Mars Orange /worldwide/vehicles/e-soul/images/360vr/06_M3R/
  • Neptune Blue /worldwide/vehicles/e-soul/images/360vr/07_B3A/
Snow White Pearl

Treasure the exclusive

With the Kia e-Soul the inside is as exciting as the outside, with vibrant interior options,
carefully selected materials and bold trims. Choose between fabric and leather seats
or a combination of both – all designed for the ultimate in comfort and style.

  • EX Black One-Tone Leather
  • EX Gray One-Tone Leather
  • EX Black One-Tone Fabric
  • EX Black One-Tone Leather and Red Color Pack

Savor the exciting

The Kia e-Soul is proof that an electric car can combine character and excitement
with the latest technology as well as all the advantages of a crossover to make
all types of greener driving truly inviting.

Head-Up-Display (HUD)

Head-Up-Display (HUD)Kia’s innovative combiner-type Head-Up-Display (HUD)
minimizes driver distraction by projecting key driving
data like your speed, safety icons and turn-by-turn
navigation directions directly onto the glass panel above
the instrument cluster, and also provides audio information.

  • 7” OLED Display
  • 10.25” TFT-LCD navigation
  • Drive Mode Selection
  • Wireless Phone Charger
  • Sound Mood Lighting
  • Heated and Ventilated Seats
Appreciate the effective
Appreciate the effective

Even though the Kia e-Soul is all about adventure and fun,
it’s good to know that you’re constantly being protected too with Kia’s
ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) – a series of intelligent safety
innovations that help reduce many of the inherent dangers and stresses of driving
on today’s roads so as to make every journey hassle-free and more enjoyable.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist(FCA)
Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) - The Kia e-Soul uses Kia’s FCA system to avoid or mitigate accidents. The system monitors vehicle speed and the distance between the car and other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, and will warn the driver of any potential collision risk by activating a visual alert. Additionally, the steering wheel will give a sensory response; and if there is no driver reaction, the car will brake automatically.
Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW)
Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) - The Blind-Spot Collision Warning system has radar sensors that monitor your blind spots, and warns you of oncoming cars by displaying a symbol in the side-view mirror. Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist Rear (BCA-R) The BCA-R system uses radar sensors to monitor the area to the left and right of your car and warn you or even actively apply the brake if there’s traffic approaching on either side.
Smart Cruise Control (SCC)
Smart Cruise Control (SCC) - Using a camera and radar sensor at the front, SCC regulates both the vehicle speed and the distance to the car in front. If the vehicle ahead picks up the pace, the e-Soul accelerates up to the set speed, and if the vehicle in front slows down and the predetermined safe distance cannot be maintained, the system will reduce the speed, or even stop the car. A helpful feature, particularly in stop-and-go traffic.
Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS) with DAW and HBA
Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS) with DAW and HBA - If you start drifting out of your lane, LKAS alerts you and even steers you back to your original position, while if you lose concentration when driving the ‘Driver Attention Warning’ (DAW) system will emit an audible alert and display a warning symbol. Additionally, the ‘High Beam Assist’ (HBA) feature automatically switches to low beam to avoid dazzling other drivers at night and then automatically switches back again.
Lane Follow Assist (LFA)
Lane Follow Assist (LFA) - This system takes a giant leap towards semi-automated driving. LFA controls acceleration, braking and steering depending on the vehicles in front. This makes driving in traffic jams easier and safer. The system uses camera and radar sensors to maintain a safe distance to the preceding vehicle and monitors road markings to keep your car in the center of your lane. LFA works between 0 and 130 km/h.
Value the endurance
Value the endurance
The Kia e-Soul puts the charge back into driving electric by making it fun,
stylish and good for the environment all at the same time. From the moment you
press the start button you can look forward to a responsive electric engine boasting
a maximum acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds and a maximum speed of
167 km/h. Additionally, there are two driving distance ranges available on a single
charge – either long range, offering up to 452 km, or midrange, offering up to TBD km.
Energy-efficient Heat Pump system
The Kia e-Soul heat pump system helps save energy and increase the driving range by using recovered waste heat emitted from the coolant water for the electric powertrain.
Energy-saving individual air
conditioning system
By selecting individual zones, air conditioning can be limited to the driver area only, lowering the amount of energy consumed for unoccupied zones and increasing the driving distance of the Kia e-Soul.
Battery Heating System
The battery pack situated underneath the Kia e-Soul has the option to include a battery heating system that warms up the battery floor in colder temperatures to ensure a smooth motor start. It also helps reduce loss of battery charge overnight due to cold weather conditions. Simply program the battery heating system for a specific time using the 10.25" touch screen before you start your journey.
Programmable charging
You can use the convenient 10.25" touch screen to set the time to recharge your Kia e-Soul – for example, if you want to take advantage of cheaper night-time tariffs.
Electric Motor
Located under the cabin floor, the efficient, lightweight Kia e-Soul battery offers two flexible and energy-efficient solutions.
Electric Motor
High Range and High Power Battery
64 kWh/motor 150 kWh
Fast charge in 30 minutes (up to 50%) Mid-Range and Low Power Battery
39.2 kWh/motor 99 kWh
Fast charge in 30 minutes (up to 50%)
Normal charge in 9.5 hours (up to 95%) Normal charge in 6.5 hours (up to 95%)
Regenerative Braking

Regenerative BrakingTo ensure highly efficient driving and further increase
the battery range, the e-Soul offers next-generation
regenerative braking with two different modes to suit
the driving conditions. By selecting ‘Single Pedal’ driving or
holding the left paddle shift lever behind the steering
wheel for a minimum of 0.5 seconds, the car can be
decelerated to a standstill without activating the brake
pedal. Alternatively, releasing the paddle or activating
the right paddle shift lever returns the system to regular mode.

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